File sharing communities, torrents etc

How often do you use them? Do you share DAZ packages or other 3D related stuff with other enthusiasts?

I’d like to read some opinions. Recommendations even?

Hi Makso, and welcome. Software/ asset piracy and linking to pirated content is not welcome here.


I think it’s tricky to avoid the pirated stuff when you deal with torrents and file shares. There are a few valid collections of the freebies out there, but too much of it is illegal copies.

Well, I already feared i get something like this as a respond… In some countries piracy is legal, as long you use the content non-commercially. In other countries people earn too little to be able to pay for stuff.

Now, i didn’t ask IF you use them, but how often… Or am I wrong in thinking there is free speech on this forum?

How about testing a product, before buying? I have run into numerous DAZ Products that were utter garbage, and i wished so often i was able to test it first…

Whether something is legal or not doesn’t really mean that it’s right. Slavery used to be legal in the United States too, at one point.

3D content creators and published artists have an already difficult time trying to make a living with their art and their craft, and piracy (legal or not) literally makes it that much more difficult for the artist to pay their rent or buy food.

Most DAZ3D artists are freelancers, not big mega corporations.

That all being said, piracy is illegal in the United States where I (as the person who owns the domain) and where this website is located.

And frankly, a lot of these PAs and content creators are my friends, if only through Facebook, and I know and have observed first-hand how much more difficult things are because people use their work without compensating them for their efforts.

Notice I did not say “steal”.

Because I also recognize that “copying is not theft”. I fully support Nina Paley (Google her if you haven’t heard of her she’s amazing.) Which is why all of my artwork and books are CC licensed. I’ve chosen that license specifically. But most content creators and PAs have not. Certainly not for any products obtained from DAZ3D, Renderosity, Renderotica, or elsewhere.

It also introduces thorny legal problems for me that frankly I don’t have the time or money to deal with. This forum is a volunteer effort. There’s not even any ads here. I don’t have a team of lawyers working for me to defend me against lawsuits.

I hope you understand.

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Welcome to the club, that happens to all of us! :slight_smile: But I will say that DAZ Support is very responsive about refunding your money if you have a problem with any of their products and you usually don’t need to provide much if any of an explanation.

I understand! I am a freelancer myself. And it is always a struggle to earn enough money, even for food alone… I’m not creating DAZ content tho, I mainly sculpt figures for 3D Printing. Occasionally i accept 3D art rendering (mostly NSFW stuff, what else lol…) My Main tool is Blender, not DAZ.

My bad. :slight_smile: Most of us are DAZ’ers. I’m happy to see more Blender users! And I would love to see more Blender focused posts so if you have any suggestions in that area please let me know! I want to improve my blender skills.

Personally, I would love to see more open source content in all the 3D spaces. I’m a huge FOSS user, advocate, proponent, and champion. But if you can find torrents of truly free content and not pirated content feel free to post and share.

If you look at my original reply I said no linking to pirated content. And I stand firm on that. But if you find content that is truly free/ open source and not pirated that will be just fine.

Speaking of which, have you seen the Mustard UI for blender that’s currently in development? Looks amazing.

No, i wasn’t aware of it. However, since Blenders Outliner has gotten so many neat optimizations the advantages of the UI seem minor to me. It could be really handy in case of transferring whole asset library for DAZ to Blender format. Perhaps in combination with the Diffeomorphic add-on.

Anyway, thanks for the replies. I’ll check on this forum every now and then :slight_smile: