Fire in the hole!

– Imagine how a little thing like a match can wreak such havoc?! It’s even been the cause for burning down entire cities throughout history. Gone is the cartel’s main warehouse in this region. They’re gonna’ be out of business for a very long time after this. Good riddance, if you ask for my opinion. Leah is gorgeous beyond measures. She’s also extremely dangerous, as she is an assassin. A gun for hire and one who really get the job done. There will be a price on her head after this. She knows it but she can stand up to such threats. She was trained by the best.

                                           • • •

Again another FaceTransfer project that evolved into this. Model is a Genesis 8 Female. Skin and makeup was taken from one of the FR models (believe she calls herself for Friday 21 instead of Freja these days). The background is Dark Side Of The City by Stone Mason. The fire elements by Sickleyield. The dress was Rhiannon’s Crux Rouge Raven G8.