Flat Abs For Genesis 8 Male by Shahroozal on Renderhub

I would not recommend that anyone purchase “Flat Abs for Genesis 8 Male” by Shahroozal on Renderhub.

I purchased this product yesterday. It was $6.99.

After I downloaded the product I opened it and there were only three files in it. Two DSF files and a thumbnail.

No readme. No documentation. No nothing.

I messaged the vendor on Renderhub and they were quick to respond and told me that I needed to move the DSF files into the G8M morphs folder under data.

I also messaged Renderhub and asked them how a product like this could make it past QA. I mean to not even have a README? No folders?

I think if you buy a product for DAZ Studio at the very least it should have a README or file folders.

Anyhow. This is the 2nd time I’ve been disappointed with something I’ve purchased from Renderhub. I’ll probably never order from them again. They seem to let anybody upload anything.

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Renderhub is the worst. I avoid that site like the plague. They literally allow anybody to upload and sell anything. Even other people’s copyrighted works and intellectual property it looks like. (Just look at their “free” models full of unlicensed content.)