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Posted the rest of the story. "Zahra and Feyel

Two Elves from different sides of the surface. Their first meeting in the absence of moonlight led them to seek each other out. That was a hundred years ago and for one night each month, the night of the new moon, when no one can see, they find a way to each other’s arms."

Zahra’s black skin is skin builder created and I wasn’t happy with the nipples, but they grew on me. Working with black skin is a total pain in the ass. You can’t see anything to pose. Until I got to image 9, I didn’t realize her skin wasn’t jet black. The set has one area with a blue skylight.

Also Elf ears without dForce Hair - Fayel’s hair had to be photoshopped over her ear in most of the shots. image.

Zahra’s hair was mostly perfect. dForce Soft Classic Hair