Free Vintage Illustrations and More

I love finding free stuff lol I’ve been working in my Affinity Photo/Designer programs quite a bit more lately learning some different techniques (similar to Adobe Photoshop - can use most of Photoshops add ons) and looking around for some different things and came across this Heritage Library. I was brought here originally for the Fonts because he makes beautiful vintage fonts but his site has a ton of free stuff too. So if you do a lot of post work and like using Vintage graphics you might want to bookmark this page. Also definitely sign up for his newsletter, you get free fonts as well. Some amazing stuff here.


This is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this!

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Not a problem. I actually think some of these would make great tattoos or signs to use. A lot of things you can do with them. They added three more sets today if I’m not mistaken, at least I got another email saying there is 3 more available.