Fun in the Sun 2021 SFW entry

Models: Thorne, Rana, Kim - all doused in baby oil. Glossed the skin way up. Hairs: Rogue Waves, Side Bob Hair, Biscuits Jam Hair Iray HDR Outdoor Environments Maui HDRI All models are most likely from the Daz Store Both females have Breastacular and Golden Palace, but you can’t see that. Male is G8M base Gens. w/GenToolBox Some photoshop work to get the postcard look and burn a shadow or two. XFactor Pretty Swimsuit and Trendy Simple Bikini for the women, dForce Workout Outfit shorts for Thorne.

Typically with a hat, I render once with hair and once without and superimpose the without to deal with pokethrough, but this time, I managed to not get poke through. dForced in 60 frames of animation, made sure hat was a dForce Static object and carefully dforced hair into the position then pushed hat down.

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