Fun in the Sun - Splash

Software Tools used: Poser 12, Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC.

I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before which is create water FX. This was indeed a challenge to get not only the water FX to look legit but to get the sense of movement and action all in sync. I have also never created volumetric water in Superfly for oceans or anything so that was also a challenge to overcome. While the “splashing” was done inside Poser the small waves crashing onto the beach and her leg were painted in via postwork. I also smoothed out the render grain in postwork and gave the scene a slight airbrush effect plus greatly enhanced the colors. My idea behind this artwork was for her to literally be having “fun in the sun” by just playing in the ocean water on a tropical beach during a sunny summer day.

Assets used: Victoria 4, OOT Samira Hair with my own textures and shaders, ShaaraMuse3D Paralia Beach + Foliage Kit 3 + Water Effect Maker, 3D-Age Familiar Bikini with Romantic3D textures, ocean is a box primitive with a superfly water shader, Maddelirium Angeline, Flinks Modern Skies 2. I think that’s everything.

Thank you for this contest and good luck to everyone and I sure hope I did this right! :smiley: