G8F Gens Options

Your muse is putting ideas in your brain that require your model to be pantsless, so you need to keep it real between the thighs. These are your most common options. There may be more, but these are the ones I have access to at the time of this writing.

Native Daz G8F Gens. (Any G8F Pro Bundle) Sledgehammer Fem Gens (Renderotica - G8-Female-Genitalia) Golden Palace(Renderotica - Golden-Palace-For-Genesis-8-Female) Renderhub has Real Pussy but it’s just morphs for the Daz G8F Gens. (Real Pussy For Genesis 8 Female Genitalia)

Starting with the Daz gens, they’re typically perfect for R-Rated work. The downside is there isn’t a lot of variety in shape. If this is how women looked, it’s understandable why some men claim some parts are mythical.

shaping is limited. Renderhub’s ‘real pussy’ is highly recommended. coloration is, in the case here, bland. Some artists add more pink. Pros: most versatile when working with clothing and out-of-the-box poses Cons: limited functionality and unnaturally boring coloration. Model artists must create the materials for you and many simply don’t.

Sledgehammers g8f Female Gens:

Using the same technology as native gens, Sledgehammers have their own shaping and coloring options and start with a little more color. Pros: Functional and colorful. Acceptable under clothing. Does not require PA participation. Cons: has some work to do to get wet skin geo shells to work with it

Golden Palace

This relies on a geoshell to match materials. It has the most options and most additional content available. Pros: Functional and Colorful. works with clothing. Does not require PA participation Cons: geoshell doesn’t play nice with wet skin and even breastacular takes some extra steps to be functional on the same model

The bottom line is, unless you only use your daz for puritanical art, you probably need all of these.

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When I need female gens (and it is rare, but I do sometimes LOL) I usually go for NextGen V8 or GoldenPalace2. Ironically, there appears to be more variety in the phallic arena than there is with the vag.

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I’m going to have to lookup nextgen