Genesis 9 released....I mean Genesis 8.1

Now with skin fuzz. Seriously, though, What are the improvements that you’re excited about? And another question - will the next 3 years be re-releases of their model set textures for 8.1? Not looking forward to paying for that. I probably will, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Retailmenot provided me the coupon code THIRTY-TODAY which took 30% off my cart. If you use it too, send me half your savings. I jest, of course. Send them all.

Here’s the change I appreciated: “Male anatomical elements will now work on females. Conversely, female anatomical elements will work on males.”

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Since my computer is in the shop, could someone screenshot what DIM automatically (Free) shows to download today? I have daz on this PC but it’s a copy of my library, not a downloaded library. So, if I open DIM I’ll have 6000 things to download.

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Completely underwhelmed by the release. I have no desire to upgrade at all. But hell, I probably will if for no other reason than it might not take 20 minutes to load the fucking figure in my scene.

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Underwhelmed is an understatement. I’m angry. I love daz, and their shortcomings are still far outweighed by what’s great about it. Still far better than poser and easier to use than any other similar tool. But a .1 upgrade is pathetic. I probably would have liked it better if they just called it 9. At a glance, it’s the same step distance from 8 to 8.1 as it was from 3 to 8. 9 would have created more of an illusion of an upgrade. Even knowing the man is behind the curtain, I can still appreciate the spectacle of Oz.

Gen 8.1 seems to offer: Body Hair. More movement in face. Interchangeable genetalia.

I see the forthcoming texture updates to existing models as HD-Addons. Unless I’m using them for close-ups, they’re skippable.

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I have not bought it. I am contemplating Vicky alone, but honestly, I don’t really use the female side of my runtime very often.

The large pores, vellus skin, and strange eyes, are kind of a non-starter for me. I am still thinking about it.

If you do buy it, try the coupon code I mentioned in the OP. I assumed Gen 8.1 is free, but it appears to be part of the Victoria 8.1 package - which also means the male body hair is part of the Victoria package. Which is weird.

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Thanks for the coupon. It did bring Vicky 8.1 down to 15 bucks. I am interested in checking her out.

Coupon code didn’t work and loading Genesis 8.1 Female is in the Genesis 8 Female folder! (There is a separate Genesis 8.1 Female folder.)

And it’s taking fucking forever to load this goddamn figure.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I think I’m going to refund this. This is worse than fucked up.

I’m beyond pissed.

ok, there’s no excuse for Daz to make a major release substandard. They would have had it in the hands of their PAs weeks ago, so they had plenty of time to identify simple flaws like ‘wrong folder’.

This shouldn’t be in the Gen 8 folder for one reason: Its not backward compatible with Gen 8. Gen 8.1 morphs only work on Gen 8.1. Sure most of Gen 8 stuff works on 8.1, but it is only ‘most’.

Shoulda been Gen 9. Should have been tabula rasa.

She seems to load okay for me. I love the skin, and face. And dare I say it her less buxom and breasticles? As MJC would say LOL. They are normal. She doesn’t look like Vicky to me though V8 college girl? V8’s younger waifish sister? The expression looks much better to me. Less dead eye, and wooden weird samey mouth. Lets hope the males are as good.

All I know is when I went to load Genesis 8.1:


It took 20+ minutes to load her.

Which tells me she’s loading all the morphs and parameters for Genesis 8 as well.

Which tells me she’s not a new figure.


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This is the reason I’m unhappy with it. Its a good look, but I’d be happier if it weren’t just an elitist G8. It was really time for G9.

Well, the bloom is off the rose with G8.1 too memory intensive. I Can render default G8.1 but add HD, and it renders only a black window. This is just one figure. What a drag. Plus being forced to use studio 4.15 is… using the new IRay which is quite memory intensive.

Sigh, well, guess I’ll be returning to 4.11 for now.