Graft's broken in Public Release?

I always use the Beta, but lately its been unstable for me. Switched to the regular release (and had the same damn crash, but less often), but noticed that maybe grafts are broken in the regular release? Tried mutiple times with multiple grafts, none of them conform properly (underlying geometry still there) and shells don’t properly recognize them. Is this a known thing?

Breastacular and golden palace are working fine for me.

Dicktator and some other grafts works fine for me.

There is an issue where some body parts will appear white and you’ll need to manually go in and turn off the shell for those body parts but that’s been around for a while. But that’s more of a geoshell issue and not geograft issue.

Geoshells don’t have the surfaces they should have. Three different male anatomy grafts don’t conform properly…you can literally see the underlying geometry. Specifically Dicktator, regular Gen8 Gens…

Maybe its just me… but its clearly not working right, but works just fine in the beta.

Admittedly, I spend more time in the Public Beta than I do the general release. I find it much more stable for my workflow, but I haven’t noticed anything odd there. Did you download Meipe’s updates for G8.1M for dicktator and golden palace? I’m not sure if Meipe actually publicly released the 8.1 updates. He sent me the updates privately some months back. If you haven’t I can send them to you.