Hair problems (my charaters are going bold)!

I have a couple of hair products that I just can’t use atm and I’m hoping one of you kind people can tell me what I’m doing wrong so that they work.

For example I have this hair model:

In texture shaded mode I can sort of see it:

But if I go to Filament:

and Iray the hair is not visible at all (so no use to man or beast).

I’ll admin I have no idea what ‘type’ of hair it is (I’ve seen discussions mentioning some different techniques and their pro and cons). I have tried all sorts of render settings but nothing seems to work.

Anyone know how to make this type of hair modle visible in renders (and filament would be a bonus)?


Some Iray hair won’t be visible in the Viewport window until you actually render the image. Some hair have a preset that will show preview hair in the Iray Viewport but not all. Try doing a spot render/ Alt+Shift+C of just the head area to see what the hair looks like.

Well what do you know, it worked!

I’ve never used the ‘Spot Render’ tool before either (looks handy).

Can’t quite believe that it won’t appear in the editor viewports though. How are you supposed to pose them if you can’t see them! :laughing:

Thanks for the help again :+1:

When I’m putting together a scene I spend 99.9% of my time either in smooth shaded or texture shaded.

And when I’m adjusting my cameras’ depth-of-field settings I’ll switch to wireframe view and make my camera visible and switch to perspective view in the viewport so I can get a better overview of the frame width and focal distances for my camera.

The only time I switch to Iray Viewport is to do a quick preview of my scene’s Tonemapping and Environment settings prior to actually doing a final render.

And this is with (2) 2080ti’s which are quite fast in their own right.

Although next month I’m hoping to get a whole new rig with (3) 3090s so I might change up my workflow a bit. LOL!

Wow, haha, puts my single 2070 to shame :smiley: