Help with DS character creation please

Ok, silly question for character creators. (but hopefully an easy 1) If you have a character you started & saved but lost a list of mr’s & such used. Is there an easy way to look up & find what morphs were used to create the character? I lost part of my info in a comp crash. This was my first time trying to create 1 too.

I think character presets are zipped text files (similar to json but you should be able to read it) so you just need to unzip it and see what’s there. It should be a list of everything that isn’t it’s default value.

The “DAZ Scene Inspector” utility available on Gumroad sounds exactly like what you’re looking for:

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Thanks I was also given this step on FB.

“If you still have the scene with the character in it, load the scene, select the character, go to the parameters tab and click on currently used. That has a list of everything you’ve applied to your character.”

but I’ll check that link also:)

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