How Risque is Risque?

A series of pictures inspired by a short story in a collection of short stories I may have written titled ‘Lite Nite Bites.’ These might push the boundaries here, but someone needs to see exactly where they are. They were all designed with ‘deviantArt’ rules in mind.

Not a problem! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about creating a Dungeon category for the literal 3DX crowd by invitation/ request only if there’s sufficient interest but with sites like Slushe is there really a need though?

Artistic nudity is fine. Porn is not. No erections. No literal fucking. No cum or other bodily fluids.

Not that I have a problem with any of that (I don’t) but I think if it’s too visible it would turn many people off to the site which kind of defeats the purpose.

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You mentioned DeviantArt above.

So this site (along with,,, and all my other sites) are hosted across several VPSes and database servers I lease and run with my business partner on Linode. I have Linodes in Newark, Atlanta, and Sydney, Australia.

Linode is well known for having a pretty liberal Acceptable Use Policy.

I could literally host a carbon-copy of Slushe with the most hardcore 3DX in town and Linode won’t care.

So trust me, you’re fine (and the images above are fine, too.)

Many of those are really tasteful, some are not. Just my opinion. I agree with Michael, keep it real, there are folks that love artistic nudity but eating each other out is … well that’s just a bit too much! LOL

You know, I didn’t even see/ notice those. LOL! But I’m going to have to agree with @RAMWorks. Yeah, the eating out is a bit … much.

Richard, would you like to be a moderator? :slight_smile: I’m serious!

But I think in the overall context it might be borderline. I think a case could be made for both.

If the pictures of the women eating each other out were posted alone then yes, I think that would be an issue because the focus is solely on the acts of cunninlingus.

However, taken as a whole where those images only represent 5 out of 13 images they are part of the story. I see the story that @phezian is trying to say here, and those acts of lust are integral to the story being told.

It would be as is if Oliver Mellors was removed from Lady Chatterly’s Lover. It would ruin the whole piece.

Any genital contact is only simulated. There’s a gap between their faces and their partners nethers. - no actual eating-out is taking place in this version of the story. They’re just posing. In the book, its actual penetration and there’s a toy involved. That’s a bit much for an audience that isn’t looking specifically for that. So anything above is just almost. #7 is probably the closest they get to genital contact and there’s a gap there, but admittedly, I thought it was bigger than it actually is. The ‘eating-out’ shots are totally obfuscated to hide the fact that nothing is happening. So if you think something is, the illusion is working. And I agree the whole story helps keep these more towards the artistic - but even stand alone, none of these are pornographic as defined, though another centimeter closer and #7 might be. Thanks for looking and even if these aren’t to your tastes, I hope they helped draw the borders of acceptability for this forum.