I have no words. ;-)

I have no words. Suddenly I feel like I’m back in the 1980s.


Created by people who either don’t know how breasts work, or assume women use adhesives to keep their clothes on. I’d bet the former.

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I was more referring to those bottoms. The fabric goes up to her ribs! Over them it looks like! But yeah, the tops are their own mess too.

I never even looked lower than the underboob. I see what you mean, now.

some surgically enhanced bodies do look that bad though and the type do wear the tacky stuff that resembles

Ha! And I rarely look at boobs because they literally do nothing for me. :rofl:

Hopefully they sue to get their money back then! :grin::joy:

I’m so glad I’m gay. If I were straight I think this would disturb me much less turn me on. The outfit is ridiculous and the convo about the boobs. Yea, they could have added some reinforcement to the undercarriage area of the mesh like a cool strap holding the X together better. Really bad design but you know how it goes, mostly this was for a pinup sort of idea. I’ll stick with Betty Paige for that. She was classy! This is whore on wheels!

And that’s the problem I have with 90% of the pin-up fashions for Studio. And I’m not just singling our 'rotica here, because there’s plenty of clothes that make no sense over on 'rosity.

And maybe I’m too cerebral about it but I can’t even imaging porn stars wearing clothes like that during a porn shoot. Liteally, the moment she turns her waist or bends down and those tits are falling out.

But I guess it’s because I tend to render realistic scenes and not fantasy I tend to try to envision my characters moving and interacting with the 3D world around them, all in an attempt to make my work believable to the reader.

Oh well. It was just something that caught my eye and I wanted to share. I wish no ill-will on the artist/ PA for their work. I’m sure there’s a market and it’s successful. It ticks all the right boxes for G8F obviously!

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Reminds me of this:

LOL That last bit… “Oh oh it’s pinching” lol

I’ll just leave this here:


So so silly! :crazy_face: