Idea for solving slow load times

I just had an idea for maybe dealing with the load times. The fact that it takes me 20 minutes to fucking load G8F.

My whole DAZ Content Library is about 6TB in size. That’s been built-up over the past 20 or so years working with Poser first and then Studio for the past 15 years or so.

I have a metric fuck-ton of figures and characters.

And as we all know, every time you go to load a figure Studio has to read in every single morph that’s installed for that figure so it can populate the Parameter dials for the UI.

Right now my Library is on a 10TB eSATA external hard drive. Same speed as if the drive was mounted internally in my rig. But magnetic media is slow.

But I can’t move my library to an SSD because they don’t make SSDs large enough (at least that are affordable) to store the library.


Turns out my data folder is only about 2TB in size (out of that 6TB total).

I can get a 4TB SSD which would be fucking expensive BUT move just the data folder over to it.

Then I can use the Windows 10 feature to mount a hard drive to a folder path and mount the new 4TB SSD to just the data folder!

Because honestly, that’s what takes so much time loading a figure. Reading in everyhing out of data so Studio can populate the Parameter entries.

I think I’m going to order a new SSD from NewEgg right now.

I’m pretty sure this will work.

I’m also looking at specc’ing out a new rig anyway. My current rig is 4 years old. But the system I’m specc’ing from Puget Systems is an AMD Ryzen with 128GB and (3) 3090s. This is approaching Mac Pro level of spending now.


As a test I moved the D:\My DAZ 3D Library\data\Daz 3D\Genesis 8 folder to C:\Genesis 8\. My C: is an nvme SSD and made a Junction link pointing the Genesis 8 folder on D: (magnetic) to C: (SSD).

I then attempted to load Genesis 8.1 Female.

It still took 20 fucking minutes.

FUCK! :rage:

Before you go down this path …

I don’t think that switching to an SSD will make that much difference. Yes, it will be better than loading off spinning magnetic media. But – based on what I’ve read on the DAZ forums – the bottleneck isn’t so much loading the morphs from media as all the calculations that Studio has to do in order to integrate all the different morphs.

I have my DAZ library on a small external SSD for my Mac and on a WD Black for my new PC. I haven’t seen a lot of difference between them in terms of load times. Granted, the SSD is loading over USB and maybe if I had an internal M.2 SSD I’d see better performance. But in general terms, I tend to believe the people who say that drive speed isn’t the key factor (at least so long as you’re comparing a fast modern hard drive to an SSD; I’m sure if you had some dog-slow 5400rpm drive connected over USB 1.1, the wait would be even more agonizing).

Your mileage may, of course, vary – but I’d recommend checking some of the threads on the DAZ forums before you splash out on that 4TB SSD.

The recommended way of dealing with the problem, by the way, seems to be to cut down on the number of morphs you have. You probably don’t need all those six hundred morphs for the three hundred indistinguishable white chicks that always seem to find their way into everyone’s libraries. If you can figure out which morphs you actually use, and then pare your library back to just those then everything will go much quicker. When you want to use a character/morphs that aren’t in your ‘core set’, you can install them using DAZ Connect or Install Manager, then uninstall when done.

At least such, as I understand it, is the theory. I, meanwhile, am struggling on with three hundred indistinguishable white chicks and twenty minute load times. Do as I say, not do as I do.

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I hear 'ya.

And I mainly render men! But goddamnit sometimes I need a woman for a scene and it just drives me so batshit crazy insane.

At one point I went in an uninstalled every G8F figure I could using DIM. Because at least in theory I could reinstall the characters easily if I needed to. And that helped for a little while.

I just wish DAZ would change the fucking architecture to not load everything all at once. That would solve everyone’s problems, mine included.

some of the Connect users say just installing stuff as they need it when it looks for missing stuff works

I am not fond of the idea myself

This is fine if you never purchase any products outside of DAZ but I do. :slight_smile: I think you do too.

I moved my daz library to an NVMe SSD and that, combined with a new processor did show an improved load time. 1:45 to load G8.1F. 1:20 to load G8F with clothes. but still staggering to change the character on an existing figure.

I’m going through right now and pretty much uninstalling every single G8F I have (other than the base characters). Of course I have a bunch downloaded from Renderosity that I CAN’T uninstall. Not sure how I’m going to deal with that.

I was wrong on the 20 minute part. I set my stop watch.

Try 30 fucking minutes to load Genesis 8.1 Female.

So now I’m uninstalling every fucking character, morph, and expression I have.

Fucking mother hell. I fucking hate this hobby sometimes.

And I spec’d out a new PC today. And no, it wasn’t a Mac. But it costs as much as a Mac though. LOL.

$11,000.00 from Puget Systems.

But it was an AMD Ryzen with 128GB and (3) GeForce 3090s. :wink:

Hell, I just bought these (2) 2080Tis last fucking year.

One 3090 costs as much as both 2080Tis.

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull it off though. But I’m hoping to get a good 5-6 years out of it.

Why can’t you uninstall the rendo ones?

I’m seriously thinking of uninstalling all g8f characters except core ones…and a few of my faves…to see if that helps. Plus all those stupid fucking useless expression products that should seriously be fucking banned from being sold (except the Unique Smiles product, cos that one is awesome). Honestly, expression products are just filler products for pro bundles - I hate them. And I no longer buy G8F characters - ever.

Because there’s no installer, and I have no idea what folders (/data and /Runtime) where all the textures, morphs, and other stuff is installed into.

And I’ve stopped buying G8F characters too, unless it’s a super unique character.

Redownload product, unzip to dummy folder and then just go into your library and delete the same files. I do it all the time. We get a lot of rendo characters to promo and I always delete them afterwards.

I don’t think you realize just how many assets I have acquired and amassed over the years. I don’t have time to do that.

In any event, I got fed up with DIM taking 5 minutes to uninstall one fucking product so I used the nuclear option.

I’m starting over from scratch.

My DAZ 3D Library has been renamed to Old DAZ 3D Library and I’m just going to reinstall shit.

Nuked the CMS database and wouldn’t you know it it didn’t wipe out the list of install products in DIM either. So now it’s going through 18,000 products in offline mode removing everything.

It’s like at every turn Studio just wants to make my life that much more complicated or difficult.

I seriously really hate this hobby right now. I need to see a psychiatrist because I’ve got to be insane to have put up with this bullshit for over 20 years now. (Poser first, then Studio.)

Lol it’s ok, I understand. I’m just one of those weird people who just loves reorganising my library. I purged a shit-ton of older products a while back, and reinstalled everything that I wanted. I’ll often spend a couple of hours here and there, reorganising and renaming shit - a month or so back, I put ! in front of all the core characters just so they are all showing first in my ‘characters’ folder (I use the content library cos smart content is totally fucked). So redownloading just to delete stuff would make me excited lol :grin:

But my computer is dead right now and I’m slowly buying the components for a new build - hopefully have all that by end Feb/start March - so I’m living vicariously through others who are reorganising heh heh.

The “!” is a good idea, and was quite popular in the Poser days.

But I’m a die-hard believer in Smart Content and metadata. I gotta have my metadata and my Smart Content or I’m completely screwed.

One of the other things I do is I’ll create symlinks to characters that are buried in a vendor’s folder in the Content Library. I’ll link a new file to the root “\People\Genesis 8 Female\Characters” folder just to make it easier to find stuff.

Here’s an idea - have two libraries. - just the daz bases. Keep one streamlined - just the stuff you know you’re using or are likely to use. Another with all the stuff you collect just in case.

By two libraries I mean two distinct content roots: E:/MyDaz3dLibrary and F:/MyDaz3dLibrary. You can still browse the collection library and load from it when you can spend the time, but your main library will be minimalist - and load times short. I think (more hope) that daz doesn’t search all libraries for morphs when it loads a character. I think (like to hope) that daz only works with in the current library root for each model.

I have no idea how that would affect smart content. Maybe it’d be invisible, or maybe you’d need two Smart Content sets if that’s even possible.

I’ve already set up D:\Third-Party Content for everything from Rendo and Rotica. I think what I’m going to do is just be very judicious with what I install. Gone are the days of letting DIM install everything. At least when it comes to figures. I’m reinstalling all the hair and outfits and lights and sets and scripts that I have. But characters? Fuck that. I’ll probably end up using DAZ Central where I could at least get a preview of the figure I want to install.

I was thinking how much slower this will make my workflow but then again it will probably end up being a net-positive not having to wait 30 minutes to fucking load G8F.

Well… I only have the base G8M and G8F installed right now in the new Content Library.

I do have a Content Library configured as “Old DAZ 3D Library”.

Guess what Studio is doing right now as I’m attempting to load Genesis 8.1 Female?

I am so fucking pissed-off right now.

This basically means I have to completely NUKE my old Content Library. I don’t even know if I haev the install for everything in it (which is why I wanted to keep it around).

Jesus Goddamn Fucking Christ.

Fuck you DAZ. Piece of fucking shit software.

remove the library you don’t want under content directory manager

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