Ideal Layout for DS

What is your ideal layout for the DS workspace? I lost my saved layout when I went to the new computer and I can’t access the saves (as they are on the previous HD which I don’t have installed), and I can’t for the life of me figure out how I had set up my old layout. LOL. So I’m looking for tips. What is your layout currently looking like? What do you find the most efficient setup?

I’m using a heavily customized City Limits Lite layout with at Darkside style. I have three monitors (the 2 on the side are vertical) so I have the Content Library and Smart Content on the left monitor in a separate tab group.

My center monitor (ultra-wide) has the main DAZ Studio application. I have added all the tabs I use frequently and tabs are grouped where the most used tab is the first (or second) one you can select.

But even without the 3 monitors I could just as easily put the Content Library & Smart Content into its own vertical tab group on the left side of the main application window.

My current layout is this: