Iray Exposure Value Settings

Assumes a Film ISO in the Iray Tone Mapping Settings of 100. If a different Film ISO is used, these values will need to be adjusted accordingly.

EV Real-World Situation for Proper Exposure
-6 Nighttime landscape under quarter moon
-5 Aurora borealis of moderate brightness
-4 Nighttime landscape under gibbous moon
-3 Nighttime landscape under full moon
-2 Nighttime snow or beach landscape under full moon
-1 End of blue hour
0 Late in blue hour
1 Middle of blue hour
2 Distant cityscape at night
3 Indoor scene lit only by dim window light
4 Floodlit monuments or fountains at night
5 Typical artificial indoor light
6 Bright indoor lighting
7 Fairs and theme parks at night
8 Bright window displays and advertisements at night
9 Nighttime sporting events under bright light
10 Moment after sunset on a clear day
11 Daylight on a foggy day
12 Moment before sunset on a clear day
:point_right:13 :point_right:Typical subject on a bright, cloudy day :point_right:Iray Default!
14 Typical subject on a day with hazy sunlight
15 Full sunlight on a cloudless day, typical subject
16 Full sunlight on a cloudless day, bright subject (i.e. the beach)
17 Full sunlight on a cloudless day, highly reflective subject (i.e. snow)

The Exposure Value for your scenes can be adjusted in the Tone Mapping section of the Iray Render Settings. If you have no Tone Mapping section listed, go to Create → New Tonemapper Options Node.