IRay Server and Canvases or LPE

I am currently down a video card, and since there are none to be had…I’m thinking about trying out Jack Tomalin’s server again. Last time it didn’t fit my work flow too well because canvas output was somehow different than what I get from the standalone (I still don’t know exactly how or why).

Anyone have any experience with the server and rendering to canvases or with LPE? Specifically, what do I need to do to get the same output as the stand alone?

I’ve found Jack’s server to be good. The underlying Nvidia software occasionally runs off into the weeds and you have to wait for Jack to give it a kick, but aside from that, it worked well for me.

I hadn’t noticed differences between the server output and what I get on my own machine, but perhaps I wasn’t looking too closely. You can edit your jobs after you’ve queued them up and select different options – which channels to render, how large to make the image, and perhaps more. So perhaps there’s a setting there that you could tweak to make it generate images closer to what you’re used to seeing on your own box.