Is there a reason to keep my product listed on the Unreal Engine Mar? It's not selling so....

Took over a year or figuring out through much work and trial and error to get my product built and completed. Now I am feeling stupid and foolish for spending so much time on something clearly no one wants. I am ecstatic with how the product turned out and how it saves me countless hours while giving me unprecedented results. I guess I am just bummed no one else will ever see it and I will never get compensated for my work…at all:(

So according to a 3rd party site the Unreal Engine Marketplace has over 8 million visitors per month. Is it only for the free content? Is anyone making money through this broker/vendor? It seems like I got sales for a few days till the UEM shuffled my product deeper and deeper down the page numbers. Now all sales have ceased. Is that it? No hope now? Should I just remove it? How have you all been faring? Please and Thank You.

This is it…Metahuman Materials Conversion for Genesis 8, 8.1, and 9