Keith and the Sun (SpringFling2021)

This is a FaceGen model taken from a picture of me from probably 10 years ago. You might remember the futuristic skinny red-head one I did earlier. Same one just made him a bit bigger and changed up his hair and gave him some facial hair and body hair. Also just kept the plain body without any changes.

Music can really bring you to different places and change the way you see things and change your mood. Mix that with your environment and you can truly just change so many things. I hope you enjoy this one. I really appreciate the way this one turned out.

Items Used:

  • FaceGen (with a pic of Me from 10 years ago)
  • 75% Face Transfer Fix Script from Face Shapes for G8M
  • No body changes from original loaded figure
  • Genitalia was a Preset from Domonkos (size and texture)
  • M3D Fiber Body Hair for G8.1M
  • Terran Hair
  • Beau Fade Beard G8.1M
  • Base Pose Laying (to get in the basic position and then manipulated to get Keith how I wanted)
  • Godray Lighting
  • Create a Room
  • Pillow is from Date Night Setup
  • Headphones is from the Dance 2 the Music Poses
  • Backdrop is from Mountain Scapes Backdrops Volume 3 Backdrop 4


I use Affinity Photo for my Post-Render work

  • Color Correction around the Genital area
  • Cleaned up hair slip through on the band of the headphones
  • Used some cloning and inpainting to get rid of some noticeable lines around the genital area
  • Adjusted the Brightness and Contrast to get the render really where I wanted it to be
  • Added my watermark and reduced the size of my render

hope you are wearing sunscreen :smile_cat: