Lack of Footwear

Another realization. I’m sorry I’m coming at you guys with gripes but it’s just things that are irritating me while I’m trying to get my renders in order. The serious lack of independent footwear that are available for men is outstanding. I know there are several that’s available with full wardrobe sets that are great. But even then, that’s few and far between and somewhat limited to the style of those sets. For instance…sandals and flip flops…yes I know the women have some available and I do have 2 for the men and there is one available for genesis 2. But man, even if these people were to release these things as separate from their wardrobes honestly people would by them. Not everybody wants the whole wardrobe, some just need a certain type of shoe for what they are rendering and don’t need everything else. That is why the women’s shoe is so popular. I just wish the men’s characters weren’t so downplayed/overlooked and I wish I had more time to actually develop (or learn to develop) a lot of this stuff that I see missing, not only would it be beneficial for a lot of people, I know there is a need for it and potentially some money to be made there if done right.

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It is a huge problem but here’s a hint that might help. It won’t completely solve your problem though.

Unless it’s heels, 99.9% of female footwear looks okay on a man.

Auto-fit is your friend! Just fit the woman’s shoes to your male figure and tell auto-fit what character it was originally made for. (I always tell auto-fit the item I’m fitting is a type “None” no matter what it is too by the way).

Like I said, works for 99.% of all “flat” footwear.

Sometimes you might need to hide the toes:


But you should really be getting in the habit of hiding ALL body parts that are covered up by clothing (after you’ve run a dforce simulation). It will greatly speed up your renders.

I use female sneakers and boots all the damn time.

And Lyone over at Rendo has some AMAZING male footwear (and clothes in general).

The serious lack of most men’s content is an issue. Shoes, I Seem to have plenty of, but the issue is that some are rather poor quality.

The best flip flops are the poolside oahu outfit flipflops dForce Poolside Oahu Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s) | Daz 3D. These are the best, because they can pull away from the feet. There is a texture expansion, but they can be easily recolored with colored rubber shaders.

One time, I actually went through all my genesis 8 male outfits, and created a separate folder for my men’s shoes. I realized I really have plenty of shoes, the issue is that about 50 percent are largely just rudimentary.

I may do the reorganization again, because I do have some great shoes, but I sort of forget when they are paired with a less than stellar outfit.

One thing I like is when PA’s make the shoes load individually. This is helpful for undressing scenes or scenes where the character is in a cast. Blue Rabbit, who is one of my favorites sometimes does this.

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And when you un-parent the shoes from your figure (because the figure has taken their shoes off!) they sometimes revert back to the “A” pose with the feet spread apart.

Which means now you need to go hunting for a military “attention” pose with the feet together just so you can apply that pose to the shoes to move them in. Or manually adjust the legs I guess.

Royal pain in the ass!

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