Lets talk about Breasts

Lets face it we are all facinated by them and posing and shaping them is probably the best bit of creating a scene! But it can also be really frustrating and if you play around with them too much they start to look like they’ve been put through a mangle :wink:

The free out of the box breast options in Daz are pretty limited so if you want to create something interesting you’re going to have to buy one of the plugins. To my knowledge there are three main contenders:

  1. Breastacular
  2. Breast Control Genesis 8 Female
  3. Breast Utilities for Genesis 8 Female

I only have the first two plugins on the list so I don’t know how good the last one is.

From my personal experience Breastacular is good if you’re looking for fantasy over-the-top type breasts, you can really go silly with this plugin. However it does have many other nice features such as collision gloves (and tights) so that the breasts will deform with contact from any models in the scene (including the charater themselves). It also has some morphs to help you simulate breasts hanging down (all fours poses). It has many nipple morphs too but to be honest, to my eye they look like no nipples I’ve ever seen!

Breast Control Genesis 8 Female is much better at simulating real world breasts. It has a lot of posing and shaping options and also produces much more realistic nipples.

The two big issues I have when creating a pair of breasts that I’m never happy with are:

  1. Gravity defying breasts - no matter what I do, any character with breasts bigger than a ‘D’ cup the breasts seem to float away from the rib cage. In real life the underside of the breast would sit aginst the rib cage directly below the breast but Daz breasts all seem to be repelled by some invisible bra. The best I can manage is to turn up the ‘droopy’ morphs as much as possible and get the characters to ‘hunch’ their backs so the breasts are closer to the rib cage.
  2. Vacum clothing - clothes all look like they are skin tight over the breasts. Apart from exporting to Blender and manually altering there is no good way of handling this. Interestingly the one plugin that I do not have yet ‘Breast Utilities for Genesis 8 Female’ advertises a ‘Smooth Projection’ that claims to help with this issue. If I buy it I’ll update this rant with my findings.

Would love to hear how other artists cope with these ‘two large problems’ (pardon the pun).


Fit Control will help with the skintight problem. Its not perfect but much better than without.

The HS dforce breasts will prevent breast collision, but sometimes leaves a gap. You can work around this by increasing the size just a little post dforce simulation. This also does a decent job of large breasts laying on the ribs. Doesn’t play nice with other dforce things like dforce hair…

Sickleyield has a few products that help with the skintight clothing as well

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Thanks for the reply but what is Fit Control? Is it a setting in posing, shaping or on the clothing items themselves?


He’s talking about this: https://www.daz3d.com/fit-control-add-on-for-genesis-3–8-female

There’s also: https://www.daz3d.com/sy-clothing-breast-helper-genesis-8-female

And: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sickle-breast-fixer-g/97065

And: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/sy-front-fixer-g3f/110832/