Like Size Differences? Get MASSIVE for free and you can shrink your characters

Massive for DAZ

From the website:

Massive is the collaborative, size difference themed, free set of poses, expressions, lights and utilities for DAZ Studio.

Massive is 28 artists, 240 poses for G8 and G8.1, 32 hands poses, 18 feet poses, 42 sub expressions, 28 dom expressions for G8 and G8.1, 13 lights, 18 growth utilities, 10 shrink utilities, imperial and metric.

Massive aims to inspire the beginner, help the intermediate and be a handful tool to the advanced users of DAZ Studio.

I mean you can’t go wrong with free and fun, definitely some NSFW poses in there as you can imagine but a lot of stuff here and a really well put together website. Definitely worth checking out. :eyes: