Lyone's Baron for G8M

Thoughts? I have most Lyone outfits. They’re usually fantastic!

First glance I wasn’t super impressed. Mainly I didn’t care for the style of the clothes, and I am not a big fan of the boots. I get that adding wrinkles to clothes helps add a sort of texture to them to make them sort of seem more real, but in this case in some of the pictures it just makes them look like they don’t know how to do laundry.

As I was scrolling though and looking at the add-on for the outfit I did like those a bit more, and why Lyone didn’t feature how they look with some of those different colors in the earlier pictures is beyond me because that really made a huge difference in the look of the entire outfit. I don’t know I don’t totally hate it, but I don’t have extra money right to be spending especially the sale price being a little over 20 dollars for both of them together just to get it to look reasonable close to how I would use it (for one outfit).

It will just go on my Wishlist for now and might be something I would buy in the future.