March Madness 2021 at DAZ...thoughts?

Once upon a time March Madness was awesome. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a long time customer or what, but I’ve found the last few years very underwhelming. The PC for a Day is a good section…but it looks like almost exactly the same items as last year. I haven’t bought anything yet. LOL. (i haven’t bought from daz since December)


I bought the male space suit Omni Suit yesterday. The gigs of textures don’t thrill me.

I have to avoid G8.1 due to not having enough card to run it, so my initial excitement about G8.1 releases has waned.

In general, I see much the same stuff as released everyday. Female content, HDRI, expression sets, and boob utilities.



There was a stealth 90% off sale yesterday, Might still be active today. - yes it seems to be. Most of the stuff on this list shows as 90% off in your cart: Daz 3D

You can only do 3 items at a time, but you can do it more than once.

That could be because of your existing March Madness discount perhaps? I’m only seeing 60% off, not 90% and I didn’t get the MM discount (when if you bought something the day before, you’d get a certain percentage off during the sale)

I am seeing 90 percent for these items. Thanks for pointing it out.

Unfortunately, I bought most of the stuff I want from there.

well there was something FINALLY that i was interested in. LOL. A swam hair in todays PC for a day. Still, that’s it so far.

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