Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions Catch-Up Post #1

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions Catch-Up Post #1

This is a catch-up post to cover the releases from April 21st and 22nd that I couldn’t post. There are about 30 releases in total. I will be covering the first five (5) in this one.

This set of (6) alternate materials will turn that dForce fantasy dress into something your victims and enemies will want to die for.

This cartoon axolotl is cute and if cartoon axolotls are your thing you’ll probably love this. :wink:

This Prison Security Pack gives you (12) stand-alone physical security props from surveillance cameras, electronic door locks, a safe, mirrors, and more.

This set of alternate Iray materials will breathe new Iray life into your old GIS Skyway environment by updating the materials and adding emissives, clouds, fog, and atmosphere.

This shipping container cabin/ dwelling looks like something out of Ready Player One and would be a perfect post apocalyptic hideout or getaway for your villian or hero.

That’s it for the first catch-up post. Tomorrow I’ll post another 5 in addition to tomorrows’ releases.

I hope you found this useful.

Toon axolotl has pbr shaders for those who need to know. It isn’t very clear from the description.

The container cabin is also fairly large file size. It contains three installers for about a gig and a half .

The whole separate PBR shaders confuses me since Iray is a PBR based rendering engine.

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Yeah, I wish they would call it something else. It is only relevant i guess to those like me who can’t upgrade yet.

I wonder if those PBR shaders are Filament specific shaders then?

If that’s the case RiverSoft Arts has a script that can convert to and from Filament shaders and Iray. May be worth looking into.

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