Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 24, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 24, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace

Today’s Promo

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Warning on the S3D Fitness Bundle!

There is a bundle released today called the S3D Fitness Bundle (no I’m not going to link to I don’t put bundles here) which includes (3) products for $25.87 @ 30% off.

It’s cheaper to buy the (3) individual products separately which are listed @ 55% off. You’ll save $3.00 doing so.

Another Barbie Doll with an average body and an incomplete set of textures.

It’s been a while, so it’s quite nice to see a normal looking dress for the ladies that doesn’t make her look like she charges by the hour.

Aeon Soul hits another one out of the park and this latest release is most impressive. Soul sets the bar high and few PAs and products come close to matching.

Part 2 of Aeon Soul’s amazing Everyday Clothes add-on morphs and textures set for the ladies.

This set of additional textures and materials for Aeon Soul’s Everyday Clothes 2 are cute and whimsical and will brighten up any render.

This puzzle will help your G8 characters put the pieces back together in their renders.

This cute and whimsical dress comes with two hats and a pair of heels and is rigged for dForce.

This trendy pose set provides partial poses but it doesn’t move me to want to buy it I’m afraid.

Yet another f*cking Barbie Doll.

Another Barbie Doll, but this one’s a superhero and comes with a geoshell suit. The lack of morphs to compress those breasts though are going to make her look childish in that suit though.

That’s it for todays’ releases. I hope you found this useful! Please don’t be afraid to leave me your feedback either here or on my blog site if you have any suggestions on how I can improve this.

Have a great weekend!

I think rendo will get my dollars today. I like the men’s thong and the poser snowmobile and accessories.

None of my guys could wear that except maybe to support their balls. :joy:


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