Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 26, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 26, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace

Today’s Promo:

Get up to 44% OFF ‘World Traveler’ New Releases
up to 65% OFF Daz Original Fashions
Plus up to 58% OFF ‘World Traveler’ Featured Artist Stores

Spotlight Release

This latina character not only is simply gorgeous, but she’s fully complete and includes ALL textures and materials to provide you with the greatest amount of creativity and flexibility and is well worth the buy.

Some Barbie & Ken Dolls

It’s nice to see some men for a change and some diversity in the marketplace, but the fact he’s incomplete and missing key and critical textures means he’s a NO BUY for me for right now.

Another new, young, European, female character that’s incomplete and missing key textures. Not even added to my wish list.

Some Fabric Shaders

This Iray fabric shader pack gives you 45,927,000 different options for re-texturing the clothes in your Content Library.

Clothes for the ladies

This cute mini-dress will turn heads when your G8F character enters the room.

Some Merchant Resources

This merchant resource will help PAs create hyper-realistic human, sci-fi, and fantasy eyes for their G8 and G3 female characters.

This merchant resource will help PAs create metallic lipstick for their G8, G8.1, and G3 female characters.

Sets, Environments, and Props

This is a living room set/ environment with a large window, fireplace, furniture, and a hall.

This detached Mexican-style kitchen has a stone oven and table for eating.

This is a huge array and assortment of food but since only the full meal is provided it might be a challenge to show your figures actually eating any of it.

Hate to say it not too terribly impressed with the releases today with the exception of Rosita. I’ll pay full-price for her if I have to because a PA that doesn’t scrimp on the textures deserves to be rewarded.

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Whhhhhhhhy oh Whhhhhhy are people still pretending that nobody has genitals??? Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good morning.


I don’t like anything. Adeeb’s brows look like those mouse skin brows they glued on in georgian period, only his came from a much larger animal. The abrupt nature of the brows looks fake, if they are that thick you are going to have strays and I don’t know if it is the lighting but his skin and pores is very grainy.

I usually buy food, but this food especially the bowls looks like a photo on a half dome surface. The pizza is okay, but about half of these look like something you might buy 10 years ago and think was way cool. Nowadays not so much.


I guess the Hacienda Kitchen is from a hacienda because it has azulejos (blue and white decorative tiles), which I think of as marking a certain level of wealth and status, at least in the past.

Incidentally, I read Mio as Asian rather than European, although my confidence on that point changes from promo to promo.

I initially ignored Rosita because of the Catrina make-up, which has been done to death (ha ha). Thanks for making me take a second look; that’s a nice figure.

And thanks, as always, for these helpful mini-reviews.

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Ok so after doing some research kooki99 who made the g8.1m character today has made some really beautiful men BUT none of those characters have come with genitals. I apparently have purchased a few prior to paying attention to this but going forward I am going to quit supporting those who do not have that with their product. It just feels incomplete to me. Every person has genitals, and we shouldn’t have to go to a third party to rectify the situation after paying for something that should already have it. If I wanted a mannequin I would buy one. Beautiful artwork, just for me it’s no longer an option.

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This is a huge array and assortment of food but since only the full meal is provided it might be a challenge to show your figures actually eating any of it.

someone in the forums linked this: Dirty Dishes | Daz 3D I’ve never seen it before but I definitely wishlisted it!

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I have a weird collectors mentality about 3d food. I absolutely love it. It’s all real cute and I like rendering it for some reason. :yum:

I do have the dirty dishes product but haven’t used it :sleepy: Problem with 3d food is there are so few poses To go with it. I have to take the time to fiddle with fingers and such I get tired.

But I have done owen and Boyd eating sushi on chopsticks and eating sandwiches. I will have to load the dirty dishes set soon.

The dirty dishes do have some food on fork optitons which are useful. I can’t really use an unsliced pizza or bowl of ramen if there isn’t a way to render a character with a slice or a few noodles on a fork or chopsticks.