Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 27, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 27, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace

Today’s Promo:

Up to 60% OFF Featured Contemporary Items
Up to 60% OFF Featured Artist Stores

Spotlight Release

This lovely new Asian character for G8F has several makeup options and comes with complete textures.

No dForce, not buying. It’s as simple as that.

Huge assortment of base and blending color options for the 2021-09 Hair provides you an incredible amount of flexibility and creativity.

What. The. Actual. Fuck. This “businesswoman” outfit is anything but. But if you’re rendering 3DX then this will be PERFECT for you.

This mini-dress has dForce and 21 different styles.

This nice dress has dforce, and 5 texture options.

This set of 20 full-body poses will have Brooke interacting with everybody around the office.

This Guest Room provides will make your 3D guests feel right at home, or provide some much needed privacy.

Use this set of furniture and backdrops for creating your own custom vignettes for your renders.

Huge set of Iray leather shaders offers a staggering amount of options for re-texturing your old clothes and upholstery inside Studio. Breathe new life back into those old props!

Marty is a gorgeous character with an amazing sculpt. Too bad she’s incomplete. “All woman” she is not.

That’s it for today! I hope you found this useful.

(It’s funny, the last few are the one’s that take me the longest to put together!)

Thanks for the update. It is strange there is an increase in Barbie style figures. Is it prudery or laziness? It just seems strange.

No sale for me.

I am curious when the new pro bundle is to be released. We were getting 1 a week for a while there

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