Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 28, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 28, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace

Today’s Promo:

Buy the Jacqueline 8.1 Undercover Retro Bundle to get $5 worth* of Select Daz Originals for FREE from each of the following categories:

Genesis 3 people
Genesis 2 people
Genesis people
Clothing & Accessories
Select Hair

And yet another NYEF to flood an over-saturated and over-populated female character ecosphere even more. At least she has all her textures it looks like.

HD morphs and textures for the Jaqueline 8.1 character to saturate an over-saturated market that much more and to slow down your content library.

More fucking expression morph dials to be parsed and loaded and to slow down the loading of your figures into your scenes…

This set of 20 poses and 5 expressions won’t slow down your software but they are quite generic looking and I could swear I already have them elsewhere in my Content Library.

This French braided hair has dforce and lots of texture options.

Give your G8 females their own 70s Show with this set of bell-bottoms and top.

This chic skirt & top looks nice but it has no dforce and only comes with one set of textures.

This is a set of five additional materials for the Bunny Dreams outfit that should have been bundled with the original product.

Pull back the curtains on this diner that was released today and there are some SERIOUS problems.

Well that’s it for today! I hope you found this useful.

I do have a question though. So Daz especially that touts itself as being a company that you can use it’s products in video games and is really pushing it’s Unity bridge etc. I mean bravo that’s amazing and Daz has some incredible products, but does Daz know and understand what the gaming market is? I mean more than likely most people are going to opt-in for a custom made lead character, but indie companies I can see possibly thinking of using some of these characters. You would think it would make more sense to start featuring more male characters for that alone. There are a lot of great female led video games (which of course tend to be my faves lol) but the vast majority of video games usually have a male lead/male villanist involved.

I think you answered your own question.

DAZ is not a serious player in the video game market. DAZ isn’t and neither is “Tafi”.

Yeah I know they aren’t in it that far, but they have been touting their products a lot lately saying oh yes look at this you can use them in here and do this etc. But I think they are blind as to what people in the gaming industry would look for as far as content. I just think their promotion tactic is off. I don’t know if they are seeing from outside their own headspace.

I don’t know just as someone who works in retail and knows about promoting and marketing products you have to know how people look at stuff and who is looking at your products and how people outside of the space will read your advertisements and who is buying your products and how to get new people interested. If you promote things as one way, and then people come in to try and buy things and then notice that in fact your products are not much in the way of what they are looking for, you are going to miss a lot of opportunity.

I guess it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise as far as their record of missing the mark, it just fascinates me to see companies do things that just seem so obvious but they don’t seem to notice and or care. It’s always about making money no matter how little or big. The just need a better research team for sure. :man_shrugging:t3:

Daz is a small company in Utah. Their understanding of stuff outside of their microcosm of selling girlie figures for cheesecake art seems sparse.

They were so out of touch as to promote nfts and then get buttthurt when people don’t like it.

They have had several additional failed ventures.

Videogames do indeed need males and accurately depicted weapons for shooters. We have underbelly and crap armor and uniforms, they aren’t serious,

The reason I think largely is they make little in house. For reasons we understand and have been informed, pas only want to make one thing. White women and the clothing they wear.

If they want to change that they need to market more broadly and develop some standards and base figures and pay to have them made. They have to stop vending crap outfits like some released today which basically look like someone took 5 minutes to design it in marvelous designer.

But they won’t as long as people keep buying the same poses and the same figures.

I like daz stuff but the reworked bundles and poor quality items and rising prices are as well as 4.15 kicking me to the curb with hardware requirements have disappointed me lately.


As far as Jackie goes I like the base and the hd. I like the 60’s and 70’s retro stuff. I agree the content on the bundle is largely filler and I think the store has killed the bundle concept by not releasing additional figures and inserting things like diners. Bunny dreams seems simplistic to me. Pass.

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I’m sick and tired of people perpetuating the myth that DAZ is just “a small company in Utah”. (It’s not just you @Serene I see it on FB and DA and elsewhere.)

They have over 100 employees and have over $100,000,000 in sales.

DAZ is NOT a “small company”.

Yeah, I guess it depends on how you define small. To me, having 100 employees and no other corporate branches is pretty small. By comparison a Mcdonalds restaurant has 40-60 employees working each franchise. It doesn’t seem that large to have 100 people if you cover different shifts.

I feel like I have to buy Jacqueline 8.1 cos she has my name ha ha. But I don’t want to. The move to 8.1 pissed me off so I’m avoiding it. But I do admit when I saw the name of the release, “Undercover Retro” I got excited cos I thought FINALLY FINALLY we’re getting 60s (or even 50s or 70s stuff)…then came down with a crash when I saw the two (ONLY TWO) outfits in there. Hugely disappointed. While I would have snapped up a pair of flared jeans, I don’t really like them…they look like painted on pants, and not really like a pair of jeans. And still no decent 50/60/70s hair.

Also that diner has a spelling error in one of its signs behind the counter.

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