Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 11, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 11, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

Get up to 60% OFF Select Genesis 8 Daz Original Males
PLUS up to 68% OFF ‘So Dramatic’ Featured Artist Stores

‘So Dramatic’ New Releases

Buy any ‘So Dramatic’ New Release to get60% OFF* Select Genesis 8 Daz Original Males
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Marcius’ new Lana character has his trademark sculpt and includes her genitals. A welcome change from most of the characters released over the past week.

Mousso’s Bella not only includes all her textures, but also peach fuzz and pubic hair, and includes tan and pale skin options.

This versatile dForce dress comes with 16 different color options and 20 different styles.

Relive the summertime of your characters’ with this nostalgic collection of 1990s denim wear for the ladies. Complete with dForce. Bedazzler sold separately.

dForce flared dress has several material zones to make retexturing fast, simple, and easy.

A set of seven casual, formal, and whimsical texture options for the Flared Dress.

This set of 104 expressions are quite good and evocative, but those damn expression dials are going to slow down my Studio and I’m not sure if I want to deal with that.

Set of 25 full and partial melodramatic body poses for your G8 females.

Huge assortment and array of various household tools to fix anything around your 3D house or car.

A collection of 40 Iray wallpaper textures to redecorate your interior sets and environments.

This is an impressive exterior set/ environment of a Roman bridge and surrounding river and forest. Poser materials are also included.

A merchant resource for creating NYEFs.

Final Thoughts

  • At least both the women released today were complete characters and included all their textures.
  • The mini dress has a nice number of textures included with it.
  • I like the flare dress, but I don’t like any of the textures. LOL
  • Those 1990s clothes have really put me in a nostalgic mood this morning. Too bad we most likely won’t see any version for the guys. Goddamnit.
  • I love those expressions but goddamn I don’t need any more parameter dials!
  • The melodrama poses really don’t look that good the longer I look at them, but poses are starting points anyway so they may salvageable.
  • Love the tools. Was just surprised there were no poses to parent the tools in G8’s hands weren’t provided. I reached out to Devon on FB messenger this morning and suggested he release some poses for it. Hell, he’s probably already working on them anyway! LOL
  • I love the wallpaper. I genuinely just wish there were more flat plane textures provided for the price. I mean, it’s not like there’s any UVs to deal with. :slight_smile:
  • That river bridge is f*cking amazing.
  • And I have no use for a MR. :slight_smile:

And that wraps it up for this morning. Of course there was nothing released for guys because DAZ is allergic to the Y chromosome. We know that.

On the flip side, DZheng has come out with a new outfit over at Renderosity so check that out. I’m probably going to pick that up.

Just a heads up, but I will be out of town the week of Memorial Day (through Sunday) on business. I’m going to be in Palo Alto. Well mostly business. I’m flying out Monday and I’m in a training class Tuesday - Friday and am flying back on Sunday. My husband is flying out Friday and we’re going to spend the weekend in San Francisco.

So there won’t be any updates the first week of June unfortunately.

Well, Dang, the 80’s called, for its mom jeans. It is however, a nice set. I miss the dayglow colors and bangles though.

The tools are what I liked the best, but without hand positions, I’m not really buying it. At least give us hand positions for the bigger tools, screwdriver and hammer etc.

And looks like the new female figure from the latest pro bundle has been pushed back a day.

Probably so they can rip out her genitals.

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Yeah, What’s up with that? I’m really surprised at the recent on rush of Gen-less females. Even though one can make one’s own, it still is preferable to have the matching textures, they look better. I’m surprised the store is marketing so many. With so many female figures being pushed out, they can afford to be a bit discerning and accept intact adult figures only.

I actually didn’t purchase anything today. I already own all the male characters that I want so there’s no saving there, and the 30% discount was still too much for what was offered today.

I added most to my wishlist, and if the items get discounted at least 45% or greater I’ll probably pick some of the stuff up, and then some others at 50% and above.

Daz Originals major release figures seem to always include gens and these days its both sets.

This next one is not a NYEF by any stretch and does come with both sets of gens.

And yes, despite my protests, I have a season pass. Daz made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. damn them.

I was being facetious about them removing the genitals. But more power to you for that season pass. But based on the releases so far I am so glad I didn’t take the bait. LOL

So I take it the next release is an old hag? LOL

A realistic middle aged Black woman.

NICE! Yes. Will definitely buy then.

If I were paying more attention her shadow wouldn’t be on the fence


Also, that’s what you get for using an HDRI as an environment. LOL!

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