Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 12, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 12, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

Get up to 51% OFF the Jada 8.1 Undercover Roller Girl Bundle
Get up to an EXTRA 60% OFF Select Genesis 8 Daz Original Bundles
Buy any 10 Interactive Licenses to get an EXTRA 10% OFF

Black is beautiful.

HD morphs, textures, normals, and other maps for the Jada 8.1 character released today.

Gorgeous permed wig comes in 8 different shades of gorgeous.

Adjustable natural hair wig for your Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 figures.

Cute 5-piece dForce ensemble comes in five colors.

This bell-bottom ensemble will have your DAZ women dancing to Donna Summer in no-time.

Boogie boombox skater outfit has no dForce. Nor apparently any guys that know how to rollerskate either.

Set of 20 full body poses for Jada rollerskating, and 5 additional morph dials to slow down your G8F load times just a little bit more.

Set of 4 additional texture/ color options for the Disco Flare Outfit. Of course, if you already have Iray Fabric Shaders you can use those, too.

Merchant resource for PAs and content creators to include nail colors and makeup with their custom characters.

Final Thoughts

  • Wow. Jada looks spectacular. Color me impressed.
  • That perm hair is not bad either. The fro though looks better on the ladies than it does on the fellas.
  • I wasn’t kidding about the Jheri Curl. Give us some Jheri Curl, damnit!
  • The mini dress is cute. The boots aren’t bad. I hate that hat. LOL
  • That bell bottom suit reminds me of a romper for some reason. I’m pretty sure rompers can have legs!
  • I like the roller girl outfit.
  • Zeddicus makes good poses. Have to give him credit for that. But christ must everything have an expression morph?!
  • No use for alternate textures or merchant resources.

That’s it for today. Man this feels like a Monday!

This bundle is better than a lot of their recent bundles. No lame filler, except the nails merchant resource.

The price is pretty high 65 dollars.

I may buy the roller skates and poses.

I did pick up the bathroom set. One can never have too many bottles and stuff for realism in the restroom

I didn’t even see the bathroom set.

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And a business suit!


Fucking hell.