Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 14, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 14, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

Up to 65% OFF Select Expressions

PC+ Members get Special Resources for only $5

Nasiri is ticking all the right boxes and since he’s a complete character with a few extras, he’s definitely worth the buy.

Domonkos is another pleasant surprise this Friday morning and includes HD details, and fibermesh body hair. He’s a complete character and definitely worth the buy.

Rahul looks and feels inadequate when he’s compared with the other two releases today. But the body hair is nice, and the sculpt is nice. The skin is giving me pause though.

Creepy dolls from SickelYield turn your Genesis 8 characters into porcelain dolls.

Use this to add great looking realistic burns and burn scars throughout your male character’s body.

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Set of add-on alternate materials and tools for adding raw, charred, and carbonized skin options to the burned areas of your G8 males.

This is a utility for modifying an original 3D object based on the paremeters and characteristics of another colliding or intersecting 3D object or primitive.

An acoustic guitar, case, pick, strap, and hiearchical poses will have G8 busking in not time. But can your G8 sing?

Small collection of 10 interacting figure poses and expressions of G8 intimacy.

Secret Waterfalls is a good concept, but sadly I think it misses the mark with its execution.

Island Hut misses the mark.

I think it’s just the promo images, but this doesn’t look that impressive I don’t think.

Final Thoughts

  • Nice surprise. Was not expecting 3 new male figures this morning. 2 of the 3 are fantastic. And the 3rd will be worth getting when it goes on clearance.
  • Those dolls from SickelYield. I have some ideas for those.
  • The burns are quite nice. It was pointed out to me those are just the stock shaders from Substance Painter but my belief is not everyone has Substance Painter so what does it matter?
  • Gescon is going to be VERY useful.
  • I like the acoustic guitar.
  • The around me poses aren’t bad.
  • The secret waterfall, island hut, and wet body shells each have their own problems. I’d wait for all of them to go on clearance if you really want them.

Damnit DAZ. Looks like I’m spending a LOT of money this morning. :slight_smile:

@Phoenix1966 you really outdid yourself! Nasiri is absolutely stunning! I have been looking for a decent Iranian character for something I’m working on. :slight_smile:

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I’m so glad you like him. I fell a little bit in love with him while I was working on him. :slight_smile:

Love the lighting in the render.

Nasiri is Awesome. I have him and picked up Darwin’s character and the poses. I’m going to check out the expressions and chuck them if they aren’t usable. I need to stay on top of the expressions, or they fill up my morphs file.