Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 2, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 2, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

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Another new, young, white chick. We have enough young, white chicks. We don’t need any more young, white chicks. We need real people.

New mythological fantasy imp from RawArt is simply spectacular!

This Star Wars inspired flying space vehicle is a hot mess. Legally. I’m sure the model is fine though.

What the hell is up with that industrial exhaust fan? It makes zero sense.

Very impressed and happy with this expansive set of arches and hallways. From the expansive size of the set, to the included lights, this set looks fantastic!

Make sure your wetsuit is zipped-up and your oxygen tank is topped-up before diving into this underwater set/ environment.

Come on, DAZ! It’s 2021. It’s time to end the gender stereotyping. Boys can be into “girly” things just as much as girls can be into “boyish” things if they want. Personally, I totally rock a pink shirt.

Huge set of sci-fi and fantasy eyes. The readme says the emissive parts are optional, and I really do hope that’s the case. Eyes should not be emissive. :slight_smile:

Almost 600 poses (full body & partials) are included in this huge collection of glamour poses for G8 females. Also includes a petite female body shape as well.

Oops! Forgot one this morning. :slight_smile: This is a set of 20 full body fighting poses for your Genesis 8 male characters.

Well that does it for today! I hope you found this useful.

I just realized that May 4th is coming up which makes the release of this Star Wars inspired fighter being released today all that more unusual. It should have been released on May Fourth! :slight_smile:

I actually didn’t end up getting anything today. But I did add several things to my wishlist. I’ll wait for better discounts.

I did manage to pick up an outfit from Renderosity and something from Renderotica.

Also, can’t wait for this:


Looks like a nice outfit.

I bought the cyberpunk room. It looks nice and I needed it to trigger the sale items. It is yet again though another big room with a large window. I think if daz store sells rooms with big windows they should sell the exterior product/hdri at least. It makes a difference in the look of the room.

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I’m going to say I find the cyberpunk room disappointing. First, there is a bar that looks like a weird altar on the other side of the room and a sink in the wall for some random reason. The couch is weirdly proportioned, and it is difficult to get the interesting pieces in a scene together. There is also some sort of hot tub on the balcony, but it lacks detail, its like they decided they were done now, and were’t going to finish the modeling. Those large windows really affect how the room lights, so without a good hdri, you are going to have difficulty getting the similar look as the pa had. I really think they need to include at the very least a backdrop in the scene when large windows are depicted.

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