Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 5, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 5, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

Get up to 60% OFF Select Daz Original dForce Hair and Clothes
PLUS an EXTRA 25% OFF Jazz 8.1 Add-Ons

Jazz 8.1 Undercover Boogie Bundle

Buy the Jazz 8.1 Undercover Boogie Bundle with 1 Jazz 8.1 Add-Onto get an EXTRA 20% OFF* themBuy the bundle with 2+ Jazz 8.1 Add-Ons to get an EXTRA 25% OFF* them

This set of 10 scenes for The Blue City will have you up and rendering in no-time, but careful not to move your camera too-far with some of them.

This collection of 40 Iray fabric of skulls and flowers is also a merchant resource.

I’ve set the bar so low when it comes to DAZ male character releases that he could probably only come with a head morph and I’d be thankful.

With a pretty face and a slight over-bite and a complete set of textures, this anatomically-correct G8.1F character preset is worth a buy.

This 1970s muscle car has rigged wheels, steering wheel, and doors, but you probably don’t want those LED headlights and should change the headlight emissive color temperatures before rendering.

These 1970s duds will have your guys looking fly. Don’t let the lack of dForce disappoint you, these bell bottoms and flared collars will be the focus of the pretty mommas on the block, ya’ dig?

A new outfit for Mr. Kotter.

Masculine hair wig & beard prop for your Genesis 8 males. No dforce, full beard, and no stubble.

A set of 20 “undercover” full body poses and 5 expressions for Jazz 8.1 but there’s nothing really undercover about these poses and there’s a pose or two for a magnifying glass that you’ll need to supply.

A set of 13 additional Iray textures for the Blue Mamba vehicle. I have to say, that modern-styling “Police Interceptor” paint job though looks so out of place when painted on what looks like a 1970s Pontiac.

Help! I need eye bleach.

Four additional textures for The Max with names that I’m afraid don’t seem to match.

Additional new releases

Looks like DAZ snuck in an additional 5 items today. I’m sorry, I don’t have the time to go through these:






That’s it for today! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I say this as someone who couldn’t actually model a cube successfully, let alone a complete clothing set, but something about the main promo image for The Max Outfit was an instant deal-breaker for me. Instead of looking like fabric, his pants-leg looks like a straight length of shiny PVC pipe.

Part of it may be because even with dForce it’s hard to get clothing to drag and cling the way real fabric does. But I think it’s also the absence of folds and wrinkles that makes it look so unrealistic. I see this a lot with PC+ and bundled clothing; they seem to do the bare minimum needed to suggest the shape of the garment, but skip the – extremely difficult – modeling work required to suggest the way that cloth actually rumples up when worn.

Some artists skip the folds-and-wrinkles entirely, as in this case. Some seem to go the other way and apply wrinkles more or less at random, which also breaks the illusion. Very few – Luthbel is one that I can think of – seem to really get it right.

I suppose if you’re artistically talented (which, again, I am not), you can add this stuff in postwork, and a straight shiny PVC pant-leg is better than nothing as a starting point. Still, that particular weakness was enough to turn the outfit – and thus the bundle – from a ‘Maybe’ to a ‘No sale’ for me.

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You’re not alone:

I hated it. Nothing says they barely have any interest in making men, than a regurgitated base male figure with a resting bitch face, and a Ill fitting wardrobe, except for including yet another neftis wire hair and a female figure to sweeten the deal.

Sorry, but not buying stuff that looks so half-assed. Add to that the under modeled clothing and the car and female and even with an orange banner it is embarrassing.

Hard pass.

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The ONLY reason I bought it is because it (the bundle) was offered to me at 76% off. But that base figure is NOT worth $45. Not by a mile.

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And he has no eyebrows. They spent more time giving him Vjay textures than they did give him eyebrow hair. (I have nothing against Vjay textures with the male-presenting figures), but eyebrows really are a necessity, especially when they are so prominent on his face.

And he has barely any HD on that bod of his.

Fuck me I just noticed an additional 5 items released today that didn’t show up earlier!

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I do have to say this pose… Made me wonder if this was intended to be some sort, of get smart joke knockoff pose set. How do you even get in this position anyway?