Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 9, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for May 9, 2021

A Collection of Opinions and Observations from the DAZ 3D Marketplace.

Today’s Promo:

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Seo Hyun is an incomplete character for Genesis 8 females, and is missing key textures.

These 12 head and body morphs build off an already fantastic character base to give you 12 additional fantastic characters.

This shoulder-length wig for your G3 and G8 females has no dforce. The hair colors are nice.

I like the garter belt.

The lacing is nice.

I like the choker.

I like the shoulder straps.

The lack of an interior for any of the structures limits the usefulness of this set.

20 whimsical full-body poses, and 20 expressions. Expression dials included to add to the parameter bloat for your characters.

Huge collection of Iray fabric shaders to pink-up your garments and upholstery is also a merchant resource.

Final Thoughts

  • Seo Hyun is a nice character, if only she was complete. She’s not worth the amount she’s priced at for not having all her textures.
  • I really like the alternative shapes for Brooke. Normally I don’t buy these because I have enough morphs that I can dial in but these look pretty good.
  • SP Hair 016 isn’t bad (I’ve certainly seen worse), but it isn’t good either. I may still pick it up if it goes on clearance. We’ll see.
  • Yeah. Can you tell I’ve had enough looking at lingerie? Jesus Christ. As if we don’t already have enough damn lingerie to choose from already. I’ll just leave it at that and skip all the lingerie, thank you. Although I wasn’t kidding, I really did like those shoulder straps in that last one.
  • The Pole Station looks interesting, but there doesn’t appear to be any interior to any of the models so … good luck rendering anything other than exterior establishing shots for your scenes. Maybe an interior will be offered later but look if you’re going to do that release the f*cking interior first then release the exteriors. Just a thought.
  • The poses aren’t bad. Again, I’ve seen much worse. But adding more expression dials is something I don’t need in my Content Library right now. :slight_smile:
  • And last I’m definitely picking up the pink Iray fabric merchant resources. Items like this are very useful even if you’re not a PA.

That’s it for today. Thoughts?

Oh, and Happy Mothers’ Day!

I like X-Fashion because they usually come with Body Pressure shaping that creates indents/bulges in the skin around the edge of the fabric and the straps. This little bit of realism is worth the extra load time.

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Agreed, but it doesn’t take THAT much time to add them yourself with Mesh Grabber.

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Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Here have some uncomfortable lingerie. Cause we know today’s releases celebrate mom oh wait…we release the same stuff everyday…nevermind it is a daz store daily special. Here mom, have some girls without their bits, and some pink clothing shaders, cause nothing spells motherhood like sexualized dolls without their parts right?

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