Mike's DAZ3D First Impressions for April 2, 2021

Mike’s DAZ3D First Impressions for April 2, 2021

It’s the day-after April Fools and August 8.1 apparently is real and not just a sick April Fool’s Joke. Today’s releases are few, and insignificant.

Two outfits and a set of poses. By the way, “Bundles” are not “releases”. And the “bundles” released over the past few days have more content that’s already been released than they have new content. Blech!

Unfortunately, DAZ misses the mark a bit. While the non-binary and trans figures are a welcome addition to the marketplace, what we really need are more male gendered products. More male outfits, decent male hair, and even some more male shoes. What we need is to stop being treated like second-class citizens. Half the damn population on this planet is male. Releasing a layered “tears and snot” utility only for female characters is a slap in the face. DAZ is telling us, “men don’t cry” and that’s bullshit.

The same with these non-binary characters. Trans guys are masculine guys, and trans women are feminine women. So having masculine outfits to wear (or autofit) on a feminine frame is much more realistic than just being androgynous. And certainly there are gender-non-conforming people, and they certainly should be represented, but not every gender-non-conforming person is AFAB (assigned-female-at-birth) either!

Stop treating the guys as second-class citizens. All it does is continue to showcase your prejudices, homophobia, and misogyny.

When you release a utility to create tears, which let’s be real here for a minute, has no gender, require the package to also be released for the male characters too.

It’s as simple as that. DAZ owns the marketplace, DAZ can set the standards for the products that appear in their marketplace.


With only five new releases today this is going to be a short post. :slight_smile: Maybe.:slight_smile:

Todays’ song is: “19-2000” by Gorillaz

dForce Ember Skies Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1

This is a “non-binary” and “gender-non-conforming” fantasy-warrior outfit/ ensemble for G8 figures from 3D-GHDesign and Barbara Brundon.

Apologies to the PAs, but there’s nothing androgynous about this outfit. This is a female outfit that has been morphed to fit on a male frame.

The outfit includes a dagger, sheath, bow, quiver, arrow, pants, mask, gloves, boots, hood-dress, and chest armor. Items include movement and adjustment morphs. Wearables are dforce configured.

dForce Ember Skies Outfit Textures

A set of alternate-materials for the Ember Skies Outfit from 3D-GHDesign.

Provides five additional complementary texture sets for the outfit and props: Aubergine, Crimson Quill, Deepwood Scout, Purple Starling and Ranger.

dForce Rebirth Outfit for Genesis 8 and 8.1

This is a unisex casual jeans + hoodie outfit for G8 characters from Barbara Brundon, Moonscape Graphics, Sade, and Umblefugly.

This ensemble includes shoes, shirt, jeans, hoodie, and a cap.

Movement and adjustment morphs are provided, and the outfit is dforce enabled for natural gravity draping.

dForce Rebirth Outfit Textures

A set of alternate-materials for the Rebirth Outfit from Moonscape Graphics and Sade.

Provides four additional complementary texture sets for the outfit: Payson, Reilly, Sidney, and Taylon.

Fantasy August Poses for August 8.1

A set of 20 full-body fantasy poses for G8 characters from Ensary.

Includes poses where your figure is wielding a staff, shooting a bow, conjuring a spell, and more.

I really don’t have much to say about today’s releases because they were:

My question is do the Jeans of the Rebirth outfit have a top and are they high-waisted female jeans, or what. Do they even have a top since they are hidden under a drape?

That Ember Skies outfit looks EXACTLY the fucking same as every single fantasy outfit that BBrunden does. EXACTLY. The pants that stop at the knee, the stiletto boots, the corset type top. It’s a piece of badly designed shit that just has a 8.1 male morph.

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