Missing Underarm Hair - Why?

Question - Why is there an extreme lack of Underarm hair? Hmmmm?

No one uses it. Everyone thinks their men have to look like pre-pubescent children. lol I kid I kid. But seriously there is not a lot of options for it. There are several body hair options but most of them seem to not include underarm hair. Why is that??

There are underarm hair props but most people don’t bother because unless you’re posing your guys with their arms raised above their heads nobody is going to see it.

You don’t necessarily need or want to go fully anatomically correct (including hair and genitals) if those parts are not going to be scene by your “camera”. Having back hair loaded for example on a figure where the camera is looking at the front of the figure wastes memory and resources to try to render something that the camera (and the user) will never see.

Oh I gather that much of it and it’s a pain in the ass to have that on when you are clothing people and the hair pokes through…but it’s when these hot hairy studs are naked lol I would just like a bit more options I guess. I do like Jepes though because it’s actually just a geoshell and it’s worked really well for me on a lot of things.

Recent versions of Studio also have a built-in hair system where you can add your own hair. No need to buy any additional products.

I stay clear of any geoshell and LIE based hair. Those are just images overlaid on top of your figure’s topology. There’s no depth to them. Look for fibermesh hair.

Or look into the hair system and create your own. It’s actually pretty easy.

It’s called “Strand-Based Hair”.

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I did pit hair for a while but for me all bod hair takes up too much memory. So I settled for chest hair and arm hair, and figure they shave everywhere else. Also the pit hair I had, tended to float especially on muscular guys in twisty positions.

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Anyone got good tutorials for Stand Based Hair? I haven’t seen one yet (or at least one that will demystify it enough for my limited grasp). I would really like to learn to do it, but I have some sort of block that needs conquering.

I just fooled around with it and started experimenting. Have really only used it for pubes though I think I’m going to try some facial hair.