New Contest - "Fun In The Sun"

Hi all!

I’m pretty much a lurker around here though I pop in every once in a while.

I liked that last contest that ran and there were some pretty good entries so I thought I’d sponsor my own! :slight_smile:

I’m calling it the FUN IN THE SUN 2021 CONTEST!

Two Categories. One SFW (Safe for Work) and one NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

The prizes are:

First Place: $25 DAZ, Renderosity, or Renderotica Gift Certificate (winner’s choice)

Second Place: $15 DAZ, or Renderosity, Gift Certificate (winner’s choice, Renderotica doesn’t have $15 Gift Certificates unfortunately.)

Third Place: $10.00 DAZ, Renderosity, or Renderotica Gift Certificate (winner’s choice).

The Rules:

  1. The contest will run from July 1st through July 31st. Submissions will only be accepted for consideration during this window.
  2. You may submit an unlimited number of entries and each entry will be individually considered so long as each entry meets the requirements specified here.
  3. The theme is “Fun In The Sun”. What this means is entirely up for interpretation and up to the artist. I am looking for uniqueness and originality and something I haven’t seen before.
  4. Any 3D program can be used. Any 3D assets can be used. (Purchased or self-created.) The only requirement here is that the medium used to create the art is 3D graphics, and that the artwork is rendered and not drawn.
  5. Post-work is fine.
  6. Safe For Work submissions must be submitted to the Showcase category and tagged #FunInTheSun2021.
  7. NSFW submissions must be submitted to the Risque Business or Risque Men category and tagged #FunInTheSun2021 as well as #NSFW.
  8. Animations are okay too.
  9. Every submission must be its own unique post (do not piggy-back your submission onto someone else’s or it won’t be considered) and include the following:
    • The render (duh :slight_smile: )
    • A list of all assets and software used to create the image. If you created the asset yourself, please say so. If you purchased an asset please list from where.
    • A paragraph or two describing your work and the idea behind it.
    • Proper tags as specified above (#FunInTheSun2021 and optional #NSFW if the work is NSFW.)
  10. Only one winner will be selected and only one prize awarded to each submitter from each category. For example, if you submit an entry for both the NSFW and SFW categories, and you win First Place in the NSFW category, you will be ineligible to win any of the other prizes. To put it another way, a winner can only win one prize, not multiples.
  11. Entries will be judged and scored by me and some friends on August 1st based on Figures, Uniqueness, Composition, and Kitbashing with the winners announced that day or shortly thereafter.
  12. Shortly after the winners are announced I will reach out to them via PM about their prize.

Questions can be submitted below, but any submissions must be made to the appropriate groups listed above.

Accepted Submissions

  1. Fun in the Sun - Not Vampire Threesome in Maui #nsfw
  2. Fun in the Sun 2021 SFW entry
  3. That One Summer at the Lake (SFW entry Fun in The Sun 2021)
  4. Fun in the Sun - Splash

This is fantastic! Thanks for doing this!

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i have no clue how to actually submit anything. do i simply post a picture on my facebook page with #funinthesun2021 and the information required, is there a specific web page go to? is there a submission form somewhere? Thanks, yours Andrew Lewis

Hi @Wingedwolf! Welcome to U3DF!

Honestly the simplest thing is to just drag and drop the image into the text window.

You can also use the Upload button on the toolbar for a post or comment: image

It will pop up a dialog box where you can select an image:

Hope this helps! And welcome to the forums! @phezian and I help run the forums. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

At the top of this screen click the Unofficial3dForums. This takes you to a page where you can click New Topic and submit there, Select the Risque Business section and Add a tag for the contest (#FunInTheSun2021 and optional #NSFW if the work is NSFW.)

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Please submit safe-for-work art to the showcase forum.

Please submit not-safe-for-work art to the risque business or risque men forums.


I should add that’s not just for @atl3dartist’s contest. That goes for all artwork. NSFW art must go in the Risque … forum categories.

The Showcase is for art that you wouldn’t mind showing your grandmother. If it’s ok for Facebook, it’s ok here.

Risque Business is for art that’s not suitable for kids (and most workplaces). Pornography is not allowed here. No sex acts. If it’s ok for DeviantArt then it’s ok here.

Risque Men is for art that’s also not suitable for kids (and most workplaces) but which has a primary male (or gay) focus. No sex acts. If it’s ok for DeviantArt then it’s ok here.

The Dungeon is for art that’s not only not suitable for kids, it’s probably not suitable for most workplaces unless you work in porn. If it will get you banned from Facebook or suspended from DeviantArt then it’s probably ok here (as long as it’s legal).

Hope this helps!

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I just wanted to say thanks for doing this contest! I just got back from hiatus and I’ve been doing mostly easy stuff to get myself going again BUT, I do have a rather nifty summer idea sketched out in my notebook that would be perfect for this. You say we have until July 31? I think I can manage to get it done by then. I hope. :smiley:

Also thank you for not making all the prizes DAZ exclusive certificates and for recognizing that not all of us shop there. It’s because of this, and the challenge, that I’ll be happy to enter.

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You’re welcome! I hope we get a lot of submissions but we’ll see!

Not looking good. This is the last day for entries. I thought there would definitely be a lot more. :frowning:

The winners are:

Safe For Work

:3rd_place_medal: Fun in the Sun 2021 SFW entry

:2nd_place_medal: Fun in the Sun - Splash

:1st_place_medal: That One Summer at the Lake (SFW entry Fun in The Sun 2021)

Congratulations @Phezian, @Dream9Studios , and @Evilded777!

Not Safe For Work

:3rd_place_medal: Not enough entries.

:2nd_place_medal: Fun in the sun 2021 (NSFW)

:1st_place_medal: Fun in the Sun - Not Vampire Threesome in Maui

Congratulations @wmraven2 and @phezian!


  1. Per the contest rules, only one winner is allowed. Since @phezian took 3rd place in the SFW Category, but won the NSFW category I’m awarding the First Prize to phezian.
  2. @wmraven2’s entry doesn’t necessarily meet the contest requirements. There were no tags, there was no description, no products listed. I’m allowing her entry because there were only two NSFW submissions. Had there been more NSFW submissions her entry would have been disqualified.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for participating! I really was hoping there’d be more interest, but oh well. :slight_smile: There’s always next time!

I’ll be reaching out to each of you individually via DM regarding your prizes.

I slept on this one I am totally sorry. I am having computer issues and was working on mine last night (I know last minute) but I literally fell a sleep before I could get it finished. I’m afraid I am going to have to replace my computer which I can’t afford right now…uggghhhh. Anyway congrats to everyone. Thanks for hosting the contest!

Congrats to all the winners!

Hey! That’s me!

Thanks for the contest. Once I reach level 3, I’ll host one.