New Features - January 30, 2021

I’ve added some new features to the site that I hope you’ll find useful!

Cake Day & Birthday

The site will now recognize you on your account-registration anniversary by showing a cake next to your username in your posts. This is similar to what Reddit does with users and their anniversary date.

In addition, if you also have your birthday configured in your user profile, the site will also place an icon next to your name to let everyone know it’s your birthday too.

The Cake Day is enabled by default, but the birthday (date only, year is not asled) is completely optional.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have now been enabled and can be enabled in the Notifications section of your User Profile Settings.


Users can now add a signature to their profile which will append your signature text to all posts.

I hope you find these updates useful. If you have any thoughts or feedback on how I can make Unofficial 3D Forums better and more useful to you, please feel free to reply below or send me a PM if you’re more comfortable letting me know privately.