hello, i want introduce a new Marketplace, Lot of well-know vendors and talented new vendors waits to you there with lot of products (including many awesome freebies)

Every work day have release, for today:


I’m a little confused with this. At least a couple of products being advertised for sale are SickleYield freebies previously published on other websites. Is this a legitimate site?

Hello. As far as I know, in our shop, she has 1 freebie, and 3 products (more to come). If you have doubts, please check Sickleyield"s Twitter/Deviantart, she also shared a post, that linked our site.

3D Shards is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, which means we have many vendors ( We don’t have exclusivity demand, so if a seller sells his or her products on another site, still can sell at our site too.

Our vendors are filtered (we declined vendors, who have any illegal things (game rips, etc) in other shops, even in our shop would come with original characters, we declined the vendors who come with non-quality items.

Without attacking with no knowledge, please look around our website, check our products, freebies, and tutorials, enjoy your stay, and apologize later.Will be accepted :slight_smile:

Have a nice day 3D Shards

We have some exclusive items, please allow me to share some

including exclusive freebies

Hi @Hexdrake. It’s legit. I reached out to SickleYield on DeviantArt directly a few weeks ago who confirmed everything for me because I had the same concerns as you originally. :slight_smile:

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Ty. I was just a little concerned. No offense, just a lot of scams these days. I actually took a look and noticed you have a lot of great artists on the site (even picked up a little something as a test run).

I’m a little excited at the prospect of a new website and I wish the best. Thank you for taking the time to address my concerns.

Clay Breedlove / Hexdrake

No prob, just the site is fairly opposite. Born to be transparent, safe for vendors and customers, a peaceful and certain island of the Daz lovers :slight_smile: (Lucky way i didn’t met with daz scam, but a lot of warez sites, and game rip sellers leave a bad taste of my mouth).

If you have any suggestion about the site, please let us know, also review of products also welcome (we just react, not censored, we respect the customer’s point of view (for example my favorite product got 3 star :frowning: :slight_smile: ) ( ) . If you have any special wish, also tell us, and we try our best.

Also we release freebies frequently, worth look back :slight_smile: (and of course new product every weekdays)

Happy to make everything clean! Regards 3D Shards

Three pretty hair from S.deB.

Marggie for G8 too