New processor and what to do with the old bones?

My computer is out of commission for a day or three. My old core i7-6700 is being upgraded to a ryzen 5900x. I hope it is an improvement. I am also getting a 2TB SSD mdme(?) drive installed for my daz library. I am really hoping this helps with the stupidly long waits for morphs/models to load in. What was supposed to be a simple swap of a motherboard turned into a new case, a new power supply, new mb, new processor, new liquid cooling system and a new SSD. I am keeping my old SSD boot drive, my data drive, my 5 year old ram (32 gb DDR4 3200) and of course my 2080ti. And I’m pondering what to put into the old box to bring it back from the dead? My old nvidia 960? or splurge on a 1650 or 1660? 8gb of ram is enough for a World of Warcraft rig for the kids, right?

I’m in the middle of a complete new build too. Although when I say ‘middle’, I mean I’m purchasing every few weeks and anticipate having all components by about start of March lol. My current pc is pretty much dead in the water right now - blue screen of death, refusing to turn on, and then suddenly it’ll work fine with no problems, then it’ll go to BSOD again, and roll over and die. So I wouldn’t even know what bits to keep, if any.

But the long loading you have of models could be related to what you have installed, not so much your hardware. G8F can take forever to load if you have a lot of G8F character morphs and expressions installed - it loads every single one of those morphs when G8f loads. Although if you’re referring to other models, such as props etc, unless they’re really heavy in the mesh, then yep, maybe upgrading will work. :grin:

Isn’t it funny, that a software advertised as free, ends up with you having to spend sometimes thousands of dollars just in order for it to work??? I’ve done much the same as you’re doing right now, just to find me lagging behind after a short period. One scene that takes minutes to open and minutes to close. Opening a fresh Genesis 8 model takes forever. Constant crashes, and duplicate error messages. It all stems back to poor programming in my honest opinion. But when you post a ticket to the support desk, they toss the ball back to you. Often without answering what you asked in the first place. Then, when a new version is released you rejoice, but only for a while since new problems arise instead of the ones you had.

When you go to the DAZ forums to find answers, you get advice such as just to “suck it up - we’re all having the same troubles”. That’s why I joined this forum in my quest for answers…

Few people seem to put pressure enough on the company that makes this software. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? That DAZ would be the ones making it possible to run DAZ Studio on any machine? I usually compare DAZ to Adobe and Photoshop which, at the beginning, was a very memory consuming software. That changed. Seemingly DAZ doesn’t feel that pressure.

The DAZ forums are architected in such a way to be nothing more than an echo chamber. This is precisely why I started these forums to provide an outlet for customers. God forbid anyone speaks negatively about DAZ or their products in the DAZ forums.

I hope I phrased this right to not get it relegated to the bulletin board scrapheap.

I myself have two SSD’s on 2TB each. One is for my C-drive, the other is for “My DAZ Library” alone. For all the DAZ and Renderosity stuff I’ve purchased over the years, I have a 6TB external drive. Also one 2 TB emergency drive I can connect if I run into a crash. I’ve upgraded my RAM from 32 GB to 64 GB. That’s the maximum for the motherboard. Besides that a Quadro K6000, 12GB, which now, it seems, is obsolete. The CPU is a Intel i7-8700 3,20 GHz. That ought to be sufficient to run DAZ Studio… but… no.

Built the computer myself and did thorough research before in order to buy the right parts.

I had the same aim as you – to shorten the load up time. That didn’t happen, since the structure of the DAZ-software demands it to load every morph you have in order to load that same model. The ideal would be just to load the morphs that belong to that one model alone. That is what the programmers ought to do. I did use Face Transfer on a photo and was surprised how long it took to save that G8F model afterwards. It counted all the morphs etc that I have in my machine.

It’s like Adobe Photshop had to include all the software in your computer before it even began to start up…

Finally, just look at all the mess it caused when they upgraded the web-site!? They haven’t solved that yet. That tells me we’re dealing with amateurs, or more businessmen hiring people randomly to fix the programming. Because salesmen is what they really are, not technicians or programmers. But that’s me and what I think.

DAZ support are record breakers in slow response to a ticket. I posted it July 25th. The reply came October 28th. In that answer they asked me if I was still having the same problems and that I was “welcome to contact them again if that was the case” (???!!). I had to ask her if she was joking. Sadly she wasn’t.

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I fully believe this. Daz used to be run by people who actually used the program and were artists themselves - not anymore.

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