New Studio Beta

Lots of changes in the new Studio Beta! It’s nice to see DAZ 3D continuing development. Although I’m surprised at this point they haven’t integrated more from Bryce, Carrara, and Hexagon. Bryce and Carrara were actually pretty decent for their day. Now they’re abandonedware.

Interesting stuff. These little changes, All I hope for is that they don’t break the rendering engine. I’ll be interested what tech they’ll introduce when they go to 4.13. What kind of leap will it take for them to go to 5.0? I worry with all the bridges, they’ll forget to keep building a better rendering system. Daz makes their money on models but if their customer base becomes mostly game designers building characters, they’ll stop working on better rendering.

Oh I am loving this new beta! There’s a new PBR based viewport rendering engine called Filament which makes the viewport now as responsive as Unreal Engine. In fact it looks almost identical. This is a game changer now for my workflow and yeah… bye bye 4.12.1. :wink: Still looks like I can only render Iray but I’m fighting with a figure in my scene whose MATs are all b0rked and I’m trying to salvage things without having to re-create the character and the pose and the props completely from scratch so I can’t test that just yet.

Edit: Applying a Character Preset to a figure in my scene should NOT take twenty minutes goddamnit! :wink: