New Tennis Outfit on Renderotica

Saw this a few days ago when it was first released: Renderotica - TENNIS-OUTFIT-G8F

I think calling it a “tennis outfit” is being a bit generous. :slight_smile: Nobody is playing tennis in that outfit. Those tits will be flying around faster than you can reach 15-love!

I get it. It’s Renderotica, and for sure tits are meant to be out of that outfit more than they’re meant to be in them.

I just found it funny, that’s all!

lol. I mean, I’ve got this problem with Fantasy Armor.

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Hi @thepencilneck! Welcome to the forums!

I was just being cheeky that’s all. :wink: Just had the mental image of tits flopping around all over the place as they were serving their balls. :joy:

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I hope those tata’s are glued to those stripes of cloth! LOL

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Or not, actually. <Damn you, minimum length!>

Digital Tata’s like digital cocks do NOTHING for me. The cock they gave L’Homme needs some serious attention because it’s an fugly pencil dick. Not pretty.

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I just can’t look at L’Homme naked. It completely turns me off to the entire figure, product, and concept.

It’s beyond ridiculous.

Looks like something a 12 year old would create.

We will have to agree to disagree there Michael. L’Homme is a nice figure. Bends nicely and looks like a man to me but he’s just not bulked up unnecessarily or overly masculine. I know guys that look like that in real life with the full pouty lips (and as someone that likes to play with drag makes me VERY VERY ENVIOUS LOL) but yea, the penis prop is pretty hideous in it’s current shape, I’m sure I could morph it into something nicer with little effort!

Fair enough. Like I said, I just find it a turn off. The whole figure – at least in the current form that PAs put him in – just looks amateurish. At least by 2020 standards.

But that’s an aspect I like of him. When Michael 4 was first released every on hated him as he was no match for Michael 3. It’s always about comparisons. Not what the figure is CAPABLE of! :wink:

That’s a good point, and to be honest one that I hadn’t considered.

But at the same time if the product looks unappealing then it probably won’t sell well.

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