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Seriously hate that 90 percent of what I see on my front page is VAGINAS. At least before I could click on show less like this but because now it’s “what’s popular” you don’t have that option and I’m bombarded by other people’s joy.

There has to be a better algorithm for them to understand what their users actually like and don’t like. I am a 43 year old gay man and I should be able to view mature content and what I like. But it’s getting to be a little much. But where else is there to go that you can get that kind of views on your art?

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I’m replying to myself because apparently I have a lot on my mind today lol. Also do you guys ever feel like your work is under appreciated by average people? I know maybe I’m not sculpting things by hand or actually making a lot of what I use, but generally I come up with the concept and the situation and the story and try to provide a compelling image (colors, lighting, changing morphs and skin and textures and so on), and it could be something that took me hours upon hours to make and put together. And then I post it somewhere like a discord chat in an art channel with other that post their art (it’s a bear discord server with a few art and nsfw art channels) and I get very little response other than like a thumbs up emoji and yet other who make stuff (which is very good mind you) seem to get quite a bit of response from others.

I don’t do it for other people, I really enjoy what I do I can turn around and I will have spent 10 hours working on something and not even realize I’ve been that sucked into it. I guess I just wish more people can see the work that goes into this as well, especially those who actually make everything from scratch. 3D art really is amazing and some really creative stuff can come from it.


I am pretty much the same. A look at my favorites will show, that I mostly like hot muscled men, and the occasional dog pic. I don’t have a lot of females in my favorites. I find 3d female art mundane.

I use the keyword block feature and find it somewhat effective, assuming the person has tagged their content.

For example, I have teen, fetish, girl, photography, japanesegirl, crushfetish, rapidpregnacy, fartfetishgirl, hotsexywomen, rapidweightgain terms all blocked. It seems to have reduced some of the worst offensive stuff.


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well, I don’t visit the home page. I’ve been using DA for, what, eight years, so I know the artists I like, I am a member of various groups, half of the stuff in the groups is crap but, I do see new stuff from new artists. So, I don’t really see the point in the homepage. I have my own page bookmarked and only use that as my jumping off point.

As for people faveing your work, you need to know what are the sensibilities of the people faving your work, are yours the same as theirs? Do you see your work as art, illustration or porn falling into one of the previous categories? From what you say you’re judging your own art based as a craft, ie, how you made the work rather than looking at the work itself. I know a lot of people in 3D view their work by the same criterium, ‘how I made it’. You see, so often, ‘No Postwork’, really? Why does that matter? Are they looking for a reward for doing things the hardest or easiest possible way?

Well, look at your faves (244), you’ve been at DA for 2 months, about 8 weeks, assuming it took you two weeks to find your 105 people you watch and assume each person makes 2 art works a week and assume it’s good because you are following them, then you should have 6 x 105 x 2 faves. You should have over a thousand faves. So are you under-faving your watch list yourself?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not attacking you. There are people who’ve been there for years and got thousands of deviations of their own and few to none of other people’s work in their faves and some with their own work in their faves. I get people contacting me all the time. ‘I love your work, man’, so, I look at the faves and they don’t even have the work their commenting on in their faves. Some people are so damn lazy they don’t hit the fave button, or they’re so damn mean they don’t hit the fave button. People can be such selfish fuckers.

Well, that’s the downer and rant done. Looking at my own work I can statistically expect to get between 0.5 and 3.0% of the people that view to hit the fave button. What determines why they hit the fave button? Well, I think, of those works that attract the porn lovers I’ll get 4,000 views but, expect to get only 0.5% of that as faves. When I do something that doesn’t attract the porn lovers I can expect around 2,000 views and get 2.0 to 3.0% return in faves depending how good it is. When I say good I mean the content, not how much work I put in. I’m generalising too, the extremes of 0.1% returns are ignored because I stopped pandering to the whims of those people commenting saying ‘oh, you’ve got to do more like this, you’ve got to continue this story, I want to see what happens, I want to see him naked eating baloney then suddenly he’s 200 pounds heavier and his wife walks in with her two friends and then they are like ‘wow, you got big’ oh, I like it.’ Yeah those weirdies. :smiley:

So what I’m saying is faving is probably the subject of an anthropology thesis. :smiley: Don’t try to understand it after 2 months of being at DA. Think about how you judge your own work. Decide what it is you’re making. Art, Illustration or porn falling into one of those groups. I’m sure there are more groups but, he, it’s too early for thinking. :woozy_face: Sorry, I hope that made sense I am dyslexic at the best of times.

Oh, sorry, I just edited, I realised that when I said 30% I should have said 3.0%, oops. bad mathematics too. :woozy_face:

Haha. Thanks guys I appreciate the commentary. Yes I have only been at DA for a few month but have working on 3D for a little under a year and I know I am still very new to what I am doing, I am learning stuff every day still which is part of the reason I love it, I truly do enjoy what I am doing.

I by no means am saying my work is this end all be all of anything superb. I definitely see stuff that just makes my jaw drop and when I do I make sure to favorite and comment and try and chat with those people. I do follow a few people on Patreon as well because I enjoy their art so much. Also depending on what I am rendering I do use editing after the image has been rendered to tidy up thing or to change some color, or to even completely change some things around pre-work as well. So that goes into my long periods of time sat at the computer as well.

A lot of what I am saying isn’t just about my work either, I see some truly spectacular work out there like oscar what you were saying people have been doing it for years, and they are truly under-appreciated and I guess it does just fall under the lazy category for some viewers and it caters on the verge of just “collecting pretty pictures”. I don’t know just I have so much damn respect for people that do this sort of thing and the sheer talent everyone has it blows me away.

My work in general I would consider Homoerotic more than anything. Porn? Well I have made some very X-Rated Renders for sure but it seems I tend to stay more to the suggestive as of right now. I like the idea of trying to tell a story with my renders if at all possible, and a lot of times it’s just me figuring things out as well. Maybe that’s why I am single. I freaking sit at home and stare at digital Dicks all day long lol.

Anyway like I said thanks for the comments I appreciate them. Just know that I respect all of you and I’m here because I like to learn from you guys and I have tendency to talk a lot (I got that from my Mom) so I am very open minded about stuff and generally don’t take things super personal and am always willing to look at things from a different perspective.


On the subject of favoriting one’s own work… I ahem… appear to have done so a couple of times. Not intentionally though. I do click like on lots of things quite fast, and I appear to have done this. The problem is, it doesn’ seem easy to remove. For example, I find a piece I favorited, and it is ‘gray in the center’ normally to unfavorite you click or unclick, and a message pops up saying ‘removed from favorites’ however you can’t seem to do this in your own stuff. I have no idea why. Maybe it is a weird glitch.

For what it is worth, I don’t think it counts towards my total likes either, since when I click to see who starred it, it doesn’t have my name.

I’m not sure if it is just a glitch with me, or other people, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove it that I can see.

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Oh, and on the subject of Favorites, I do wish that Deviant would add different degrees of favorites. For example, I may like someone’s rant about a daz feature but I don’t want to add that to my collection if that makes sense.

I sort of wish there was a way to thank people from posting, but also not collect their contribution in your feed.

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