Nobody? Really?

My monthly bills for my hobby are high. Thinking about MD, though. Is it hard to do simple things? Is the learning curve steep?

I would love to be able to learn it but can’t afford it unfortunately.

Check out that link I posted yesterday in Ten Forward. There are a bunch of free Marvelous Designer resources on ArtStation. Blender also has some garment creation plugins for MUCH lower cost than Marvelous Designer over on Blender Market. I’ve had MD going back to MD7 and I have yet to create anything worthwhile in it.

I tried it. I can sew in real life, but found the interface awkward. I did not renew. Granted this was a few years ago.

“Garment creation plugins over on Blender Market”… which if I was interested in looking for/at… they might be called or located…?

Cloth Weaver - Blender Market

Modeling Cloth - Blender Market

Simply Cloth Pro - Blender Market

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