Non Fungible Tokens

I would love somewhere to freely discuss NFTs since I keep getting moderated for my opinions on the DAZ3D official announcement thread :joy: I am not the only one, that thread lost a page. :rofl: I think they are a scam myself, opinions may differ but people should be free to discuss it.

By all means discuss away. I’ll create a separate forum category. I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. And it’s crazy that DAZ won’t let discussions since Tafi is selling NFTs. Crazy.


So as it is written, so as it shall be.

oh they let you discuss it if you agree with them, and yes they are supporting it, I am the one calling them a scam and being moderated.

I personally think they’re a fad like The Pet Rock. Also, you know someone is going to upload CP or revenge porn or something and the shit is really going to hit the fan since nothing can be “erased” from the blockchain. Can’t wait for that shit show.

I just read a news article about NFTs and the crap that is actually being sold like a “tweet” its really just bitcoins with a picture attached

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To my surprise, I haven’t been modded, despite calling NFTs “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and saying that they’re best used for money-laundering and tax evasion. Maybe my secret is that I write such long wordy posts that even the moderators can’t be bothered to read them all the way through.

But yeah, I’m not super-impressed with NFTs as they’re currently being hyped.

I am, however, in favor of Non-Token Fungi. I love mushrooms.

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well this has just gotten ridiculous, DAZ have gone completely bonkers, They are going to be

wait for it

Selling NFTs for Shudu!

explains the moderation Fuck you DAZ,

I can see them going bankrupt over this crap!

LOL. Wait, that “Instagram model” is a DAZ3D character? LOL.

oh yes been much about that before and the Diigitals, but I think DAZ is getting themselves into something risky with the NFT thing, It’s their choice but I will be sad to see them go, hope someone at least buys DAZ studio from them and continues to develop it if they do go under, don’t think Renderosity can afford it though.

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I don’t think Daz is investing in this so much as brokering.

Spoke too soon. That post just got zapped for “making an accusation of illegal or improper conduct.” Which I think is stretching it a bit, but I guess it’s DAZ’s party and they’ll mod if they want to.

It does seem as if they have big plans for NFTs and that they don’t want any kind of negativity about the idea floating around, so they may be wielding the BanHammer a little less discriminatingly than usual.

And thus you’ve found the original impetus for the creation of Unofficial3DForums. DAZ3D flat out refuses to let anything critical be posted of them, their products, or their practices on their forums, which gives potential customers a rose-colored-glasses view of things.

Even Amazon allows negative reviews of the products they sell.

the whole thing disgusts me, I loathed Bitcoin Mining already and it’s a follow-on from that, only crap by well known people will sell, Jake Paul the YouTuber apparently has some stuff which tells you the sort of shit people will buy, nobody will be able to even get graphics cards to render with thanks to this crap (except of course once more the rich). These Diigitals are not short a buck either and the only ones benefitting from this sale.

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I don’t get it. I also don’t get why DAZ Store is joining up with Shudu’s creator. It looks like one of those sims that someone pasted an actors face on. Seems strange to me. I guess I am not the target audience for figures with photographic faces. I prefer more blending.

From Twitter:

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The guy bought “art” that the artist didn’t have the rights to sell. The artist got approved on OpenSea for a picture then after approval, changed the picture. Technically Kuennen still owns it, but OpenSea can’t show it. Either way, not good.

Open Sea is the same NFT host that Daz is brokering through.

When you buy an NFT for potentially as much as an actual house, in most cases you’re not purchasing an artwork or even an image file. Instead, you are buying a little bit of code that references a piece of media located somewhere else on the internet. This is where the problems begin.

Well that’s a big no-shit. All these yutzes aren’t buying anything except a pointer to a URL.

Jesus H. Christ it’s worse than I thought it was! I mean holy crap. This is so patently ridiculous!

So when Kuennen bought that Moon Ticket, there was no JPEG logged onto the blockchain itself. There was just a certificate, pointing to an URL. And that pointer, Clements explained, can be suppressed for a number of reasons, including a violation of a marketplace’s terms and conditions. Copyright violations and stolen artworks are a feature of the emerging NFT space.

Again, Jesus H.

What a shit show!

I’m going to grab me another bag of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this.

You’d have to be a goddamn fool to participate in this.


a lot of people are arriving on the DAZ forum late to the party not knowing what has gone down already and saying stuff already said and long gone to the hidden mod section. One snarkily commented about the fact I made a post about deleting my gallery as we cannot protest with words only actions not knowing I had 9 posts removed in the last 5 hours! I was by no means the most moderated person either. People are seeing a heavily censored forum yet new posts keep arriving saying the same stuff from people who haven’t seen what went before, DAZ just are not reading the room at all.


And why in the world is Daz participating in Selling “Artwork”? That is my question in this? I know Daz is known for many things but this seems to be a stretch even for them. My bet is that the man behind the Diigitals happened to sweetalk his way into that deal one way or another. He has built this “brand” for himself off of what I think seems like false pretenses and misleading people. Mind you these are all my opinions based on just observation, and I could be wrong, but something just reads entirely wrong about him and everything he promotes and stands for. I don’t buy it, and he’s selling his “artwork” for hundreds of dollars. They are gorgeous yes, but this is all just a flash in the pan. And leading the start page of Daz off with his For Sale stuff that doesn’t make any sense to people who know nothing about this stuff (hell I barely know anything about it other than a few things I have read) just throws everything into an even weirder state and will probably lose any new potential for prospective newbies because they will have no idea what the hell is going on.

Next you will be hearing that they will be coming out with Diet Evian – it will have less calories than Air.