Not really a Marketplace discussion

But it is Renderotica… man, people are stingy with their Likes on that platform. 80 views, 5 likes. Really? you clicked on the image knowing the subject matter…

Renderotica has galleries?

Try Slushe instead. Much more vibrant community.

What is this Slushe you speak of?

Clearly I have a very different idea of what goes in a “Gay” category. There must be somewhere else. I had no idea so many guys fantasied so much about people who have all the parts. I’m not judging, its just not for me.

Yeah futa is pretty big there but it’s not the only thing there. Futa isn’t my thing either. I’m just saying Slushe is lot more friendly to big dicks than Renderotica’s galleries are.

I need to post more stuff there. The stuff I did post was warmly received.

I may post, I certainly won’t be browsing. Unless they narrow those categories. I thought the people on Renderotica were bad with labeling their straight porn as gay or bisexual because it might have a guy or two in it…but this is a whole 'nother level of different categorization.

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I just checked Slushe out myself because I never heard of it. Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nope I think it may be worse. WHAT IS WITH ADDING A DICK TO FEMALES??? JESUS. That is not GAY. I don’t know Fucking need to look into opening up an all male 3D something or other that’s current and not hidden away that can showcase and share and provide 3D assets and shit. This is getting ridiculous. We just need an all in one. Everything is strung out literally everywhere for no reason. Sheesh. steps down off of soap box

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I never said it was a gay site for fuck’s sake. Sheesh! :rofl:

Oh I know that lol…I was looking under the gay category lol I should of mentioned that bahahaha. I expected to bombarded with lots of things when I first arrived, just not that under the gay category. I probably should of mentioned that. :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

People who don’t understand sexuality think it’s all about the genitals.

<sarcasm = on> Since everyone looking at art is male, if the subject of a piece has a penis, it goes in the ‘gay’ category.

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I thought futa was just a straight male way of putting a person with a dingus in the scene without feeling insecure about the presence of a male in their porn more endowed?

futa covers a lot of bases: the homophobic men who don’t want to see naked men at all. The penis envy men who don’t want to see men better endowed, the bisexual people who want it all in one package, the very rare lesbians who prefer penetration with built in toys. That last one’s a reach, but the first 3 pretty much cover it.

What you almost never see are transgender women represented as transgender women. Its probably close to impossible to artistically sexualize a transgender woman and treat them like a woman who happens to have a penis. Futa porn is all about the penis. Most transgender women are not all about the penis. Most transgender people I know accept their birth genitalia because it’s too expensive to change it. Some accept it but don’t let it define them. Outside of porn performances, I don’t know any transgender women who celebrate their penises. They are probably out there, but not representative of the population.

“wokeness” tells us to not define people by their genitals. But futa isn’t ‘not defining women by their genitals’ it’s defining a different gender altogether - one that doesn’t exist. Ok, so it probably does exist and we just havent evolved our wokeness yet to accept that there can be people who want to define themselves with both penises and boobs. We’re just starting to get to acknowledge the possibility of non-binary. I don’t imagine anyone goes searching for porn with the same part of their brain that that would think in such a socially forward way. I don’t imagine non-binary-porn is top ten-thousand search terms on x-hamster or pornhub.

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There’s even futa that has an over endowed penis (complete with urethra) that replaces the woman’s clitoris, so imagine a 12" throbbing clitoris with a glans and urethra.

But what kills me is there’s a version of futa that gives a woman, complete with a cock and balls, and they give her a vulva smack dab in the perineum right behind the scrotum.

It makes me wonder if any of these artists drawing this stuff have actually ever seen a naked human body. Forget the opposite sex, but what about their own? Because the penis doesn’t just start at the pubic bone. It’s shaped literally like a boomerang, and only about half of it is outside the body. The other half traverses the perineum and comes back up into the body right in front of the rectum.

I don’t mind the futa that much, but I like penises. LOL. But more importantly, I admire some of the techniques those artists use for making the art and I can’t help but wonder sometimes, “damn! how did they get that dForce fabric to simulate so well like that!”

So in that sense, I have my own penis “envy”. LOL!

I honestly truly do not have a problem with what most people want to look at as long as it’s not you know hurting anyone. I think generally for me it’s just when people are looking specifically for certain types of things and are bombarded with things that do not generally fit that category, that’s the frustration of it all. Tagging things gay when in fact it is not really gay is the issue.

And yes the Trans community for sure is a whole different thing compared to what is represented. When it comes to X-rated and the line between acceptable and fantasy and PC with 3D, it honestly doesn’t look like there really is much of one at all. Which for sure can be highly debatable . Just wish people would sort stuff out better.

I think we also need to keep in mind that we are applying western American and European standards here when there are a lot of artists that are not from Europe or North America. In some cultures anything that isn’t “vanilla” is considered “gay” and that “gay” may not necessarily mean homosexual in other languages and cultures.

So while it’s unfortunate that a lot of art is mis-tagged and mis-categorized, I think part of the problem could stem from the fact that there just isn’t a large gay contingent over at Slushe. Which is one of the reasons I suggested it to be honest. Because it truly is a pretty welcoming and accepting community. And the more “gay” content that is tagged “gay” then perhaps others will get the idea that they may be tagging their stuff wrong?

Just a thought.

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Didn’t Futa- as they are currently actualized, arise from the Manga section of the comic store?

I do admit, it is surprising how much of it there actually is though.

I am by no means a big consumer of porn, but I see it now and then, and Futa seem to be a common 3d, art staple these days.