Octane Render Plugin?

I don’t get it, personally… but then maybe my card is just not powerful enough. Also…um…it can’t translate the work I’ve already done in Studio? I need to use special cameras and special lights? Oh, and re-do every single material? On top of paying for the software.

Am I missing something?

Nope, that’s pretty much it. I gave up on it myself.

Iray is just as powerful as Octane but DAZ hides most of the Iray cruft and simplifies it with it’s own UI.

For that matter materials are unique to render engines across the board.

LuxRender had its own material system that Paolo exposed through Reality.

Even Blender’s Evee and Cycles have their own different materials since the Evee and Cycles render engines are vastly different (think 3delight and Iray).

And for that matter, we have that same problem in DAZ too! :wink: 3Delight materials aren’t compatible with Iray and neither are compatible with Filament. :slight_smile:

It’s the nature of the beast. It’s best to pick a rendering engine for a project and stick with it.

All that said, if I am buying the damn thing I expect the plugin to do a hell of a lot more of the heavy lifting than it apparently does. Not for me.