OutOfTouch 2021-05 Hair Promo

Does anyone know what the character is in the promo image for OOT’s 2021-05 Hair Promo?

Somebody left a comment asking. I searched the DAZ forums but didn’t see anything relevant there either.

It’s one of Bluejaunte’s characters. The eyebrows look like Amira’s.

Outoftouch tends to use Bluejaunte’s girls when not tag teaming a release with Raiya.

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Thanks! Definitely Bluejaunte. I looked at their catalog and I think she’s Noemi. Gaia’s face is too round but Noemi has a jawline.

You can see people try to guess which one it is here:

I guess the females look a little similar to each other?


I’d say its Amira (look at the lips) : Amira HD & Expressions HD for Genesis 8 Female | Daz 3D :wink:

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